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Name: Renat Muslimov Khaliullovich
Birthday: 31.10.1934g.

Geological Faculty, Kazan State University. V.I.Ulyanova Lenin, specialty "Geology, Prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields."

Doctor of geological - mineralogical sciences, professor

Two of the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1971, 1981.), The Order of "Friendship of Nations" (1994), Jubilee Medal for valiant work in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Lenin (1970), Medal of Hero of Labor ( 1987.) Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (1971, 1975., 1979., 1985.), Medal "In memory of Kazan 1000th anniversary" (2005), a badge, "Discoverer of the field" (1986), the golden sign "Miner Russia "(2003), the badge" Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russian Federation "(2010), Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan" For originality of technical solution and active participation in the national contest "Best Invention of the Year" (2004) Order " For services to the Republic of Tatarstan "(2007).

Honour Natural Sciences "For merits in development of science and economics" (1999), a badge of Natural Sciences "Knight of Arts and Sciences" (2000), the premium of the Russian Society of Oil and Gas Engineers' Golden ROSING "(2004), a badge of honor" For his outstanding services to OAO "Tatneft" (2004), the diplomas of "Tatneft", named after VILenin KSU, KSU named after VILenin Awards "Best print KSU" (2004, 2009. )

USSR State Prize (1982), twice winner of prize. Gubkin (1977, 1982.) Twice Winner of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry (1989, 1991.) Winner of State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology (1994); twice winner of the RF Government Prize (1996 ., 2006.) Honored Geologist of the RSFSR (1989) and RT (1995), Honorary Oilman of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR (1984), Honorary Oilman of OAO "Tatneft" (1994) Excellence in Oil Industry (1983g.); Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan (2004).

Trained candidates - 5 people, doctors 1.

Prospecting and exploration of oil and gas exploration, development and re-formed oil and gas, improving the development of oil fields, modern methods of increasing oil recovery and oil production intensification, the development of deposits of natural bitumen.

Author 680 scientific papers, 200 monographs and 40 inventions.

"Features of the exploration and exploitation of oil deposits in a market economy." Ouch. allowance. 2009, 727s. Muslimov AD
"Current methods of improving oil recovery: design, optimization and performance evaluation." Ouch. allowance. 2005, 688s. Muslimov AD
"Hydrocarbon republic of Tatarstan. Geology and oil development. " In et al. in 2 volumes, 2007, 315s, 523s. The team of authors under the editorship of Robert H. Muslimova. All-tion published by Publishing House "Feng" AS RT, Kazan.

Oil industry, Mineral Resources of Russia, Subsoil, Oil and Capital, Oil and Gas Geology, Georesurs.

Int. oil. Congress (1973, Moscow, 2005. South Africa), Int. geologist. Congress (1987, Moscow, 1992. Japan, 2000. Brazil, 2004. Florence), I Symposium of viscous oil and bitumen (Canada 1978), VII European Symposium on enhanced oil recovery (1993 Moscow), Annual Intl. Conf. the exhibition "Neft.Gaz.Neftehimiya" (Kazan), Int. Symposium on Geophysical Research (1996 Beijing), XXX General Assembly of the European Union of Geological Sciences (2005, Austria).

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