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Ликвидация нефтяных загрязнений

Pozdnyshev GN Manyrin VN Savel'ev, AG Promising methods of oil and eliminate oil contamination. - Samara Publishing House "Bahr M," 2004. - 440.

This book discusses promising reagents, compounds and solutions in the field of drilling, drilling-in, killing, processing, bottom zone of injection and production wells, the isolation zones inflow of formation water and the prevention of sand in the producing wells, the alignment of injectivity profile of injection wells, increase oil production layers, including the development of fields with relatively high reservoir temperature, high-viscosity cyclic paroteplovym method and operation of the depleted (of highly) of oil deposits. A distinctive feature of the considered technical solutions are their high technological and economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. The book is intended for engineers and technical workers of the oil industry, as well as employees of the environmental ecological services. Useful for students of universities and faculties of oil.

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