Geotechnical basis of development of complicated small stocks hard-to-oil

Author: RR Khuzin Ph.D., author or coauthor of 86 scientific works and inventions., Awarded the title of "Honorary Oilman of the Ministry of Industry and Energy" and "Honored Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry." -2010, The 280-page


  • Shows the methodology of the integrated development of hard deposits on the example of stock Melekessky Basin and South-Tatar arch.
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Sergin SJ System organization of the processes of geological evolution of the Earth: Monograph. - Belgorod: Izd BSU, 2008. - 360.

The book was first isolated object of study geology, geological global system (including the asthenosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biota). Using a systematic methodology, the author examined the functional structure of the system, its energy and momentum, external influences on it from the deep bowels of the earth and the cosmos, the impact of the system on its surroundings. The author managed to get a consistent explanation of the genesis of the major geological events and patterns of the planet. The author's name - Ph.D. - made in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. His specialty - the study of the causes of long-term changes in Earth's climate. The book will be useful for earth science professionals, interested in the problems geoevolyutsii.

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