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Темы выпусков

Main topics of scientific and technical issues of the journal "Oil. The gas. Innovations' in 2012

№ 1 - Ashirovskie reading (number formed).

Number 2-Exploration, Geophysics

№ 3-Innovative design, modeling, mining, information technology

№ 4-Technologies for drilling oil and gas wells, drilling of horizontal wells and sidetracks

Number 5, petroleum engineering. Development of fields with hard-stock

№ 6 - The collection, preparation of oil and gas

№ 7-enhanced oil recovery, workover (number formed).

Number 8 - Transportation and storage of oil and gas

Number 9 - Automation of oil and gas sector. "Smart well"

Number 10 - Chemistry in the industry. Methods for enhanced recovery of oil. Fracturing

№ 11 - Industrial safety, environment

№ 12-well construction, development of fields (the number formed).


Новое - хорошо забытое старое

(Опубликовано в №06/2011 журнала «Нефть. Газ. Новации»)