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Without advertising there is no prosperity

(American proverb)
Dear Sirs!

The successful operation and development of any company it is not possible without adequate attention to marketing activities. The most important elements, which is advertising and PR-campaign, aimed at creating a positive company image both among existing and potential consumers of its products and services.

Oil and gas is leading innovation in consumption and therefore requires special attention to the informational support. Dissemination of information to potential partners is an effective way to attract new customers. The cost of placing advertisements

The cost of placing advertisements

Advertising space Dimensions in mm (width / height). Price (Euro)
One band 200 x 294 (A-4) 22 800
Two bands (spread) (210 x 294) x2 42 000
╫ page (horizontal) 200h147 (A-5) 12 000
╫ page (vertical) 100h294 (A-5) 12 000
Cover (1st) 143h195 90 000
Cover (2nd) 200h294 (A-4) 80 000
Cover (3rd) 200h294 (A-4) 80 000
Cover (4th) 200h294 (A-4) 90 000
Requirements to preparation of the advertising module
The dimensions of advertising module:
1 strip of trim: 210h296 mm (Bleed format 212h300 mm), 1 page layout in the mirror set 182h241 mm; ╫ strip of trim: 210h148 mm (Bleed format 212h150 mm)
Formats advertising module:
PC; QuarkXPress 4.00 files with the font and illustrative support; Files CDR (fonts in curves); raster formats TIFF, JPG, CMYK, 100%. Size with a resolution of 300 dpi.

The cost of interviewing and placement of articles - to be negotiated.

Editorial: (846) 247-72-07, 247-72-07, 247-72-42 advertising department: 8 (846) 247-77-88, 8 (846) 247-71-40

E-mail: journal (@) neft-gaz-novacii.ru

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