Field Development

Field Development

Field Development

{Tab =} Authors Mingazov MN Ternovskaya IA, Petrov GI, MJ Bohr, VA Bolshov VA , EG Fakhrutdinov {tab = Description} Score eco-hydrogeological situation in the mining viscous oil heat techniques / / Neft.Gaz.Novatsii. - 2011. - № 2. - P.26-30 In the example of viscous oil deposits Ashalchinskoye RT hydrogeoecological summarizes studies involving geophysical methods and to assess changes in the geological environment in the application of methods of thermal effects on the reservoir. At the example of Ashalchinskoye extra-viscous oil field (Republic of Tatarstan) the authors show the possibility to perform the hydro-geo-ecological studies that include the geo-physical methods, so as to evaluate the changes in geological environment while applying the thermal application procedures for the reservoir. {/tabs}

Protection of natural resources and environmental security oil-producing regions / / Neft.Gaz.Novatsii. - 2011. - № 2. - P.31-36

{Tab =} Authors Faizullin IN, Borowski MY, Fahrutdinov EG {Tab = Description} analyzed with modern viewpoint the protection of mineral resources and environmental safety oil-producing regions. Talk about the formation of a multicomponent geological and geophysical basis for various applications of two types based on the latest geophysical (airborne) technologies and on the basis of geological and geophysical data of the past. The authors analyze the contemporary issues natural resources conservation and provision of ecological safety in oil production regions. They speak about the arrangement of multi-component geological-geophysical basis with various objectives of two types: at the basis of modern geophysical (air geo-physical) procedures and at the basis of geological-geophysical materials of past. {/tabs}

Removal of gas from the packer in the operation of wells with leaky column / / Neft.Gaz.Novatsii. - 2011. - № 2. - P.37-40

{Tab =} Shaydakov Authors VV, Shaydakov EV, Novikov, AN , Robin A., A. Stefamirov {Tab = Description} The paper analyzes the technical solutions for the removal of gas from the packer leaks at the column. Recommended withdraw gas at the mouth using a metal-pipe. The authors analyze technical solutions to remove the gas behind the packer in case with leaking column. It is recommended to transport the gas to X-tree through the application of metal-polymer pipeline. {/tabs}

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