Yuri A. Volkov

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Name: Yuri A. Volkov

Director of the Center to improve methods for developing oil fields in Tatarstan Republic Academy of Sciences (OOO "TsSMRneft" in Tatarstan Academy of Sciences), Ph.D., Honorary Oilman of the RT.

He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics, Kazan State University (KSU) in 1970godu. He began his career at the Computer Center at KSU.

Since 1982 - senior researcher NIIMM them. Chebotarev. In 1984 he defended his thesis on "Investigation of two-phase nonisothermal filtration in heterogeneous oil reservoirs means of computer simulation." Since 1986 - head of laboratory analysis and design of oil field development department of the Kazan TatNIPIneft, since 1991 - head of the work on "Justification for systems development of oil fields with horizontal and directional wells", since 1994 - director of "TsSMRneft." Since 2004, the Acting Secretary of the Scientific Research Council at the Presidium of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences in Geology and oil fields of RT, which is chaired by Academician AD Muslimov. Since 2006, led by Yuri Volkov Center shall serve as coordinator of the petroleum science and innovative cluster in the direction of the RT "Optimizing reproduction of hydrocarbon resources through rational methods for interconnecting their forecasting, prospecting, evaluation and extraction." Research interests: development and computer implementation of the multimodal approach to the development and enhancement of oil recovery technologies, the problem of how innovative design of oil and gas fields.

He has published numerous scientific articles, patents and computer software.

420015, Russia, Kazan, ul.B.Krasnaya, 55, office 305,
tel. / fax (843) 264-53-65, MB.: (987) 290-26-47.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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(Опубликовано в №06/2011 журнала «Нефть. Газ. Новации»)