Azamat Ismagilov

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Name: Azamat Ismagilov

General director of "Rosneft-SamaraNIPIneft"

He is an expert in the field of management science and engineering companies in oil and gas industry, project management, business planning in the oil companies. He has experience in creating "from scratch" research and design centers, the oil companies (NK "YUKOS" NK "Rosneft"). He has experience of preparing project documentation for the development and field development, construction of wells and perform research. He has experience in creating centers of competence NK "Rosneft" for conceptual design, development of deposits of high-viscosity oil, drilling engineering based on the corporate institution. He was a director of several corporate projects:

- Knowledge Management System (NK "Rosneft");
- Quality Management System and project management research and design unit of oil company (NK "Rosneft");
- Creation of enterprise software to automate the management reporting of all enterprises service unit (NK "Yukos").

General information
- Born 01/17/1979
- Married with a daughter and son

- Graduated from Ufa State Oil Technical University in 2000, specialty "Economics and Enterprise Management TEK"
- Ph.D. in Economics
- Has an MBA
- Associate Professor of Global Energy Policy and Energy Security MGIMO (University) MFA
- Author of over 20 publications on production sharing agreements, the economy of oil production, management, innovation, quality management, and knowledge.

Work Experience
- 1999-2007. - Work in research and design departments of NK "YUKOS" NK "Rosneft"
- In 2008 - Deputy Director of Corporate Research and Development Center NC "Rosneft"
- In October 2008 he was appointed Director General of the Institute of Corporate NK "Rosneft" - LLC "SamaraNIPIneft."

Area of professional and scientific interests
- Office of Science and engineering companies and innovation in the oil and gas industry
- Project management in the design and construction of oil and gas fields
- Economic instruments of different fiscal systems in oil production.

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