Vladimir Shaydakov

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Name: Vladimir Shaydakov

Director of "Engineering company" Inkomp-Oil "

Professor, Department of Hydraulics and hydraulic machines, Ufa State Oil Technical University
He graduated from the Ufa Oil Institute (now the Ufa State Oil Technical University) majoring in "Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Fields", postgraduate and doctoral courses of the university. He worked as a mechanic in the ANC "Bashneft", engineer, scientist UGNTU, Head of Department, Deputy General Director of Design Bureau "Azimuth." Since 1995, the director of "Engineering company" Inkomp-Oil "part-time teaching at UGNTU.

Under the leadership realized the following research projects:
1. Development of design and manufacture of small diameter turbodrills for workover (1989-1995).
2. Development of technology and organization turbine turbodrills of wear-resistant alloy by precision casting (1991-1993).
3. Formulation and technology of rubber for complicated environments (1991-1995)
4. Design, manufacture and supply of environmental monitoring stations (2000-2001).
5. Development and commercial production units of the magnetic treatment of liquids commercial designed to combat the complications in the oil industry (2000-2007).
6. Corrosion monitoring and technical inspection of commercial communications pipeline of "Belkamneft" (1999-2000), NGDU TatRITEKneft (2004-2005), NGDU "RITEK-Nadymneft" (2006), OJSC "Bashneft" (2005-2007).
7. Development and implementation of the capillary pipe systems to deliver chemicals into the well (2006-2010).

Doctor of Technical Sciences. Results published over 200 scientific papers, including 15 monographs and textbooks, Russian-English dictionary, received 54 patents for inventions.

Scientific director of five graduate students and two candidates. Under the leadership of three theses are protected.
Hobbies: traveling, skiing, tennis, movies.

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