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Epov Mikhail Ivanovich

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Name: Mikhail Ivanovich Epov

MI Epov - Specialist geoelectric, electrical prospecting and geophysical surveys for oil and gas wells, the author and coauthor of over 200 scientific papers, including 3 monographs.

The main areas of his research are electromagnetic exploration methods, direct and inverse problems of geoelectric monitoring and studying the Earth's crust, as well as interaction effects of the physical processes of different nature in real geological environments. Widely known for his series of theoretical papers on mathematical modeling of electromagnetic fields in inhomogeneous anisotropic media, taking into account the frequency dispersion of conductivity and magnetic permeability, to the creation of complex geoelectric data interpretation. With their help, in detail reproduced the spatial structure of a series of depressions (Chui, Barguzin, Selenga, and others) in tectonically active regions.

Fundamental results MI Epov widely used in geophysics. He developed a way to study electrical macroanisotropy oil and gas deposits has become the basis of international (U.S., Netherlands) a project to the creation of a new type of instrument. Develops under his leadership of electromagnetic logging in deviated wells are widely used in the CIS countries, have been tested in China and prepared for testing in the United States. In 2002 he was tested unparalleled range of logging while drilling. Now, MI Epov working on a new electrochemical probe and electromagnetic scanner flaw detection. Considerable effort MI Epov aim to develop an induction-wave probing of media under intense anthropogenic impact. He obtained new theoretical results on the quasi-stationary diffusion kinematics and dynamics of electromagnetic pulses in the conductors. They formed the basis of electromagnetic monitoring of urban areas and effectively solve problems of archeology.

New works MI Epov changes related to the investigation of seismic wave velocities under the influence of the geological environment of electric current. They proposed an original method for estimating the stress of mountain ranges, based on an electromagnetic monitoring casing. In collaboration with the Institute of Hydrodynamics formation of a new trend in the world for joint interpretation of logging data and drilling is based on a comprehensive analysis of the electromagnetic and hydrodynamic characteristics of the oil and gas reservoirs.

MI Epov Energy Commission works on re-logging companies, the boards of electromagnetic sounding of the RAS and geoelectric EGEA, is chairman of the Working Group Hall of Novosibirsk, which developed in 2003, the complex target program "Development of mechanical engineering and instrument making in the city of Novosibirsk for fuel and energy and mining industries by 2020. " In 1992-2002. He advised the Ministry of Mineral Resources of South Africa, the largest American company Western Atlas Geophysical and Baker Huges. In 2001, he worked as a professor at the University of Tohoku (Japan).

For 20 years, MI Epov supervised diploma works in FF GGF and NSU, among his pupils there are 10 candidates and a PhD.

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