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"Oil. The gas. Innovations "

Main Theme: "Building and repairing of wells,"

The study wells

Evaluation of hydrodynamic processes in horizontal wells according to the AMC "Horizon"

LG Legotin

Evaluation of Hydro-dynamic Processes in Horizontal Wells as per AMK "Horizon" Data

Legotin LG
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Legotin LG / NPF "AMC" Horizon "/ Legotin LG (OOO NPF" AMK Horizon ") {tab = keywords} geophysical studies of horizontal wells, descent and ascent autonomous equipment for drill pipe, the method of the field of spontaneous (PS), the measurement bandwidth, the method sonic quality of cementing casing. {tab = Key words} geophysical survey in horizontal well, equipment run-in-hole and run-out-of-hole using drill pipes, spontaneous field (SF) procedure, SF measurement, acoustic logging well survey, casing cement bond log. {tab = Abstract} set out the information obtained during the geophysical surveys in various fields in the individual wells of complications. The specific examples we consider a number of specific features that arise when conducting geophysical surveys of horizontal wells and sidetracks autonomous equipment, lowered to the drilling tool. {tab = Abstract} The paper presents the information obtained as a result of geophysical survey jobs performed at various fields in individual wells with problems. Using the specific well examples the author considers the series of specific features that appear during the performance of geo-physical well studies in horizontal wells and their side legs using the self-contained equipment run-in hole on drill pipes.

Drilling of wells

Innovative projects of screw hydraulic machines for drilling and operating oil and gas wells

Baldenko DF

Innovative Projects of Screw-type Hydraulic Machines to Drill and Operate Oil and Gas Wells

Baldenko DF {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Baldenko DF "NPO" Drilling Equipment "Baldenko DF (OAO" NPO "Burovaya Technika") {tab = keywords} drilling, screw downhole motors multistart (PDM), screw-hydraulic machine (VGM), PDM with a profiled stator assembly BHA (BHA), downhole hydraulic nagruzhatel, helical drilling pump. {tab = Key words} drilling, screw-type multiple pass drilling motors (VZD), screw-type hydraulic machines (VGM), VZD with profile stator, bottom hole assembly (BHA ), bottom-hole hydraulic loading device, screw-type drill (mud) pump {tab =} Abstract The paper considers a number of innovative projects to improve the technical PDM: PDM with a profiled stator assembly BHA, downhole hydraulic nagruzhatel, helical drilling pump , submersible pump with a helical screw hydraulically method of dual completion and injection of two layers of a single well and the device for its implementation (using the VGM). {tab = Abstract} The paper consider the series of innovations in the area of ​​VZD improvements: VZD with profile stator, BHA, bottom-hole hydraulic loading device, screw-type drill (mud) pump, submersible screw pump with screw-type hydraulic drive, dual completion procedure to operated and perform injection into two reservoirs through one well and the equipment to perform this job (using VGM).

Construction of a record multilateral well with a large deviation from the vertical at the field of "Novatek" to the Taz Bay area

F Shokarev IV, Vlasovets EN, Suleymanov RN, GulovA.R. , Vyalov, VV Glebov, EV

Construction of Record-Breaking Multilateral Well with Extended Leg at the field of OAO "NOVATEK" Co. in the Waters of Tazovsky Gulf

Shokarev IV, Vlasovets E.N., Sulaimanov RN, Gulov A.R. , Vialov VV, Glebov E.K.
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Shokarev IV / LTD "Integra Drilling" / Vlasovets EN, Suleymanov RN, GulovA.R. / LTD "Integra Drilling" / VV Vyalov / LTD "Novatek Yurkharovneftegaz" / EV Glebov / JSC "Novatek" / Shokarev IV LLC "Integra-Drilling" /, Vlasovets E.N., Sulaimanov RN, Gulov A.R. / LTD "Integra-Drilling" /, Vialov VV / Open Company "NOVATEK YuRKhAROVNEFTEGAS" /, Glebov / JSC "NOVATEK" / {tab = keywords} construction of wells with a large deviation from the vertical (CWA), oil and gas field Yurkharovskoye (YUNGKM) record well, the design of well construction, drilling technology, rotary control systems (ENG), lowering production casing at a record depth of cementing casing, liner hanger in the production casing. {Tab = Key words} Key words: construction of a well with extended reach (BOV), Yurkharovsloye oil and gas condensate field (YuOGCF), record-breaking well, well construction designing, drilling procedures, rotary navigation system (RNS), production casing RIH for the ultimate depth, casing cementing, liner hanger in production casing. {Tab =} Abstract Submitted material on the construction of the longest (in Russian mainland) multilateral well with a large deviation from the vertical. The final bottom hole № 367 Yurkharovskoye deposits amounted to 6390 m. The company "Integra-drilling" (the general contractor for the construction of wells) to conduct the drilling hole record with the most modern technologies involving leading Russian and foreign suppliers of oil and gas companies. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the materials on the construction of the most extended (at the Russian on-land) multilateral well with extended reach. The bottom-hole target of well # 367 of Yurkharovskoye field makes 6,390 m. "Integral-Drilling" Co. (General well construction contractor) performs the drilling jobs to construct the record-breaking well through the application of the most advanced procedures used by Russian and international oil and gas service companies.

Drilling of multilateral wells

Yaroslavtsev AV Shestakov O.

Drilling of Multilateral Wells

Drilling of Multilateral Wells
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Yaroslavtsev A. / Perm branch of LLC "Drilling Company" Eurasia "/ O. Shestakov / Perm branch of LLC" Drilling Company "Eurasia" / Yaroslavtsev AV (OOO "Eurasia" drilling company, branch in Perm), Shestakov OV (OOO "Eurasia" drilling company, branch in Perm) {tab = keywords} simultaneous drilling, construction of multilateral wells (ISM), ISM configuration. {Tab = Key words} multilateral drilling, construction of multilateral wells (MLW), MLW configuration {tab =} Abstract This paper presents best practices in the Perm branch of LLC "Drilling Company" Eurasia "by the introduction of multi-technology drilling. We consider six basic configurations of the ISM. Specific examples of drilling multilateral wells in the fields of Perm Krai, and the results and benefits obtained from the use of construction technology ISM. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the advanced practical experience of OOO "Eurasia" drilling company, branch in Perm in the area of ​​applying the procedures of multilateral drilling. The authors consider six basic MLW configurations. They give the specific examples in drilling multilateral wells at the fields of Perm Region as well as the results and the advantages obtained while applying the MLW construction procedures.

Innovative technology TESCO - drilling in the casing CASING DRILLING ≥
A. Mickle

Innovative Procedure of TESCO Company - DwC (CASING DRILLING ≥) Mikhailichenko AV
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} A. Mickle / LTD "OKSET" / TESKO RF Company Limited / Mikhailichenko AV (OOO "OKSET" / TESCO RF Company Limited) {tab = keywords} construction of wells, drilling in the casing, technology CASING DRILLING ≥. {Tab = Key words} well construction, drilling with casing, CASING DRILLING ≥ procedure {tab = Abstract} We present a revolutionary system for drilling casing CASING DRILLING ≥, which reduces the time of drilling by 20-30 percent or more by eliminating tripping and related problems. Easy CASING DRILLING ≥ is one of the main factors of this technology attractive for many mining companies. {Tab = Abstract} The author presents the revolutionary drilling with casing system - CASING DRILLING ≥ that enables to minimize the well construction period by 20-30 percent or more through the elimination of trip jobs and other related operations. The simplicity of CASING DRILLING ≥ procedure is one of the basic attractive features of this procedure for its application in many hydrocarbon production companies.

Mudding and physico-chemical properties of the mud at the opening of productive layers

Oaks II , Moyse JN, V. Yakovenko

Plugging-in and Physical / Chemical Properties of Drill Mud While Perforating the Reservoirs

Dubov II, Moisa Yu.N., Yakovenko VI {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Oaks II / LTD "NSC" Nizhnevartovsk Branch "Western Siberia" / Moyse JN / OOO "SPA" Himburneft "/ Yakovenko, VI /" NPO "Drilling" / Dubov II / LLC "NBK" Nizhnevartovsk branch of "Western Siberia" /, Moisa Yu.N / Company "NPO" Chimburneft "/ , Yakovenko VI / JSC "NPO" Bureniye "/ {tab = Keywords}: colmatation, the permeability of reservoir rock, the solid phase, the properties of drilling mud filtrate, biopolymer drilling fluids, wellbore reservoir zone. {Tab = Key words} plugging-in, reservoir rock permeability, solid phase, drill mud filtrate properties, biopolymer drill mud, reservoir bottom-hole zone {tab =} Abstract This paper examines the influence of particle size distribution of the solid phase and physico-chemical properties of leachate Mud on the process of silting PPP. Results of laboratory studies and field tests are designed by highly-inhibiting potassium chloride biopolymer drilling fluids. {Tab = Abstract} The paper considers the influence of solid phase granular composition and drill mud filtrate physical / chemical composition upon the process of BH plugging-in. The authors present the lab studies and field test results of the designed high-inhibiting chlorine-potassium bio-polymer drilling mud.

Experience of using clayless biopolymer mud "Green-Drill" during the drilling of horizontal wells in the Jurassic deposits of fields in Western Siberia

Proskurin VA, Ivakhnenko EJ, AE Kambulov

"Green Drill" Clay-free Bio-polymer Drill Mud Application Results While Drilling the Horizontal Well Sections in Jurassic Rocks of Western Siberia Fields

Proskurin V.A., Ivakhnenko E.Yu., Kambulov AE {Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Proskurin VA / JSC "CH MNG" / Ivakhnenko, E., AE Kambulov / ZAO "Biotehalyans" / Proskurin V.A. / JSC "SN MNG" /, Ivakhnenko E.Yu., Kambulov AE / ZAO "Biotechalliance" / {tab =} Keywords: drilling, Jurassic deposits are deposits of Western Siberia, clayless biopolymer drilling mud "Green-Drill." {Tab = Key words} well drilling, Jurassic sediments of Western Siberia fields, "Green Drill" clay-free bio-polymer drill mud {tab = Abstract} The information on clayless biopolymer drilling fluids of the series "Green Drill," by which solve several problems in drilling and drilling-Jurassic, located at great depths and have low permeability and a high percentage of clay. {Tab = Abstract} The authors provide the information on clay-free bio-polymer drilling mud of "Green Drill" series using which they solve several problems during drilling and penetration into reservoirs in Jurassic rocks located at high depths and having low permeability and high clay content values.

Problems of well operation, technology and equipment

Experiences of mezhkolonnyh pressure on Chinarevskoye gas condensate field

Chelpin NS

Experience in Inter-casing Pressure Control at Chinarevskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field

Chelpin NS {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Chelpin NS (TOO "Zhaikmunai") Chelpin NS (TOO "ZhaikMunai") {tab = Keywords}: Chinarevskoye oil and gas field, mezhkolonnye pressure (MCD), the technological solution, a mobile pumping unit (MNU). {Tab = Key words} Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate fields, inter-casing pressure (MKD), process solution, mobile pumping unit (MPU) {tab = Abstract} The experience of LLP "Zhaikmunai" to eliminate mezhkolonnyh pressures. Based on the analysis of various ways of eliminating the MCD, based on the injection process solutions from the wellhead, the company's specialists have developed and successfully applied to field conditions different methods push the technological solution. {Tab = Abstract} The authors expends upon the experience of LLP "ZhaikMunai" Co. on controlling inter-casing pressures. Basing upon the analysis of various type of MCD control, based upon the injection of process fluids at the X-mas tree the specialists of the Company had designed and successfully applied in field conditions various procedures of injecting a process fluid.

Technologies and equipment for decorating wells with sidetracks and casing strings of small diameter

Semenov VN

Procedure and Equipment to Perform Well Construction with Lateral Legs and Small Sized Casing

Semenov VN {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Semenov VN / OOO "TD" Elkam-Neftemash ╩/ Semenov VN (OOO" TD "Elkam-Neftemach") {tab = Keywords}: an increase in oil recovery well with sidetracks, construction of wells, extraction of reservoir fluid, simultaneous production of two layers (ORRNEO) downhole pumping equipment, operation of wells with casing (OK), small-diameter {tab = Key words} increase in oil recovery, well with lateral legs, well construction, formation fluid production, dual operation of two reservoirs, deep pumping equipment, well operation equipped with small sized casing {tab = Abstract} The technology and equipment for the simultaneous production of two layers, and operation of wells with casing of small diameter. A distinctive feature of the equipment is that the pumps can be located at a considerable distance (120-140 m) apart. This allows the pump to the bottom side closer to the trunk seam. The proposed technology exploitation wells can significantly reduce the costs of new wells and repair of the old fund, provide job downhole pumping equipment in difficult field conditions and to increase oil production {tab = Abstract} The paper presents the procedures and the equipment to perform dual operation of two reservoirs and operation of the wells with smaller sized casing. The specific feature of this equipment lies in a position that the pumps may be spaced at a significant distance (up to 120-140 m). This enables to install a pump in a lower side well-bore more closely to the reservoir. The proposed procedures in well operation enable to reduce significantly the costs of new well construction and repair of old well fund, to ensure the operation of deep pumping equipment in challenged reservoir conditions and to increase oil recovery.


Improving the selection procedure for the work well to limit water production and mining rehabilitation fund

Kulikov AN

Improvements in Well Selection Procedures to Perform the Water Shut-off Jobs and to Restore the Number of Production Wells

Kulikov AN {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kulikov AN / ╚RN-UfaNIPIneft" / Kulikov AN (OOO "RN-UfaNIPIneft") {tab =} Keywords: irrigation wells, repair and insulation work (DM), near-wellbore reservoir zone (PPP), behind-the elimination of overflows (ZKTS) geophysical studies (PIP), graphic-analytical methods for diagnosing water production, software package GUIDE, sidetracking (BSA). {Tab = Key words} well water-cut, water shut-off jobs (WSO), reservoir bottom-hole (BH), annulus cross-flow control (ACFC), field geo-physical studies (FGS), graphical and analytical water inflow diagnostic procedures, GID software set, side-tracking. {Tab = Abstract} We present a new technique for finding a basis of problem wells are promising for the effective conduct of operations to control water production and mining rehabilitation fund. Feature of the new method is the analysis of coverage of the mining stock (including inactive) of the object of development. The method takes into account the most important features of the irrigation wells and includes a graphic-analytical method of diagnosis. {Tab = Abstract} The author presents the basics of a new procedure in searching the wells with problems that are the best candidates for effective water-shut-off jobs and restoration of oil production. The feature of this new procedure is the possibility to cover by the analysis the complete stock of producers (including the stand-by wells) at the considered objects of the development. The procedure takes into account the most valuable features of well water content and includes the graphical and analytical methods of diagnostics.

Out problems of horizontal wells to irrigate idle East - Tarkosalinskoye field

Kustyshev A., Ph.D., Professor. Maltsev, AI, MK Magomedov

Issues in Rehabilitation of Stand-by Water-cut Horizontal Wells of Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoye Field

Kustyshev A.V., DSc, professor, Maltsev A.I., Magomedova MK {Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kustyshev A., Ph.D., Professor. Maltsev AI / LTD "TyumenNIIgiprogaz" / Magomedov, MK / LLC "NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz" / Kustyshev A.V., DSc, professor, Maltsev A.I. / LTD "TyumenNIIgiprogas" /, Magomedova MK / LLC "NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegas" / {tab = Keywords}: horizontal well, the East Tarkosalinskoye deposit, isolation influx of formation water, development of gas and condensate fields, to supply water to wells, boreholes conclusion of inactivity, the surface-active agents (surfactants) solid foaming agents (TPO). {Tab = Key words} horizontal well, Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoye field, formation water shut-off, development of gas and gas condensate fields, water-cut wells, well rehabilitation, surfactants, solid foamers (SF). {Tab = Abstract} The state of waterproofing works on the East Tarkosalinskoye field. The reasons for lack of effectiveness of work to remove the liquid from the bottom of horizontal wells. Proposes specific solutions to isolate the flow of formation waters and wells to supply water to the conclusion of inactivity. {Tab = Abstract} The author considers the status of water shut-off jobs at Vostochno-Takosalinskoye field. He also analyses the reasons of low efficiency in performing the fluid removal operations at horizontal well bottom-holes. The author proposes the specific process solutions in formation water inflow control and rehabilitation of previously water-cut wells.

The experience of the works to limit water production in the fields of JSC "NK" Rosneft "

Presnyakov A., VA Strizhnev , Elesin VA, Zakharov SV

Experience in Performing Water Shut-off Jobs at the Field of OJSC "OC" Rosneft "

Presniakov A.Yu. , Strizhnev V.A., Yelesin V.A., Zakharov SV {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Presnyakov AJ / ╚RN-UfaNIPIneft" / Strizhnev VA / ╚RN-UfaNIPIneft" / Elesin VA / JSC "Samaraneftegaz" / Zakharov, SV / JSC "Tomskneft" INC / Presniakov A.Yu. / OOO "RN-UfaNIPIneft" /, Strizhnev V.A. / OOO "RN-UfaNIPIneft" /, Yelesin V.A. / JSC "Samaraneftegas" /, Zakharov SV / JSC "Tomskneft" VNK / {tab = Keywords}: the development of oil fields, the restriction of water production, selective isolation, backfill, the polymeric composition. {Tab = Key words} oil field development, water inflow control, selective isolation, squeeze material, polymer composition. {Tab = Abstract} The results of application of technology to control water production in the fields of JSC "NK" Rosneft ". The results confirm the effectiveness of the technology, as a result of this work additional oil production was 3.1 tons As a result of the work identified further ways to improve the technology through the use of single-component formulations without dokrepleniya cement mortar. {Tab = Abstract} The authors present the application results in the area of ​​water shut-off at the fields of JSC ╚OC╚ Rosneft ╩. The obtained results state the procedure efficiency and result in production of 3.1 thou. tons of incremental oil. Upon the completion of the jobs the authors had defined the further ways to improve the procedures through the application of one-component compositions without any further application of cement.

Workover kickoff

SV Kulikov / JSC "UPNP & KRS" /

Well Work-over Using Side-Tracking Jobs

Kulikov SV (OAO "UPNP & KRS) {slide = More} {tab = About us} SV Kulikov Kulikov SV {tab = Keywords}: restoring idle wells, workovers, sidetracking, the method of cutting a "window" with the whipstock, drilling mud composition, completion of wells, lowering and fixing shank, behind-the packer, the development of laterals. {Tab = Key words} rehabilitation of stand-by wells, well work-over, side-tracking, way to arrange a window using the whip-stock, drill mud composition, well completion, liner RIH and installation, annulus packer, commissioning of side bore-holes.


Представлен передовой опыт ОАО "УПНП и КРС", связанный с применением метода зарезки боковых стволов способом вырезания "окна" с помощью специальных вырезающих фрезеров и клина-отклонителя. Описываются процессы подготовки скважины к забуриванию бокового ствола с вырезанием "окна" в эксплуатационной колонне, забуривания и крепления бокового ствола, а также освоения скважины после забуривания бокового ствола.


The author presents the advanced experience of ОАО "UPNP & KRS", related to the application of side-tracking procedures c/w arranging a window with a help of specialized cutting-down mills and a whip-stock. He describes the procedures of well preparation jobs for side-tracking operation with the arranging of a window in a production casing, for spud-in and lateral bore-hole construction as well as start-up after the completion of side-tracking jobs.

Оптимизация процесса освоения и капитального ремонта скважин при использовании многопакерных компоновок КОУС- ОРЭ

Маматов В.Д.

Optimization of Well Start-up and Well Work-Over Processes through Application of КОУС- ОРЭ Multi-packer Devices

Mamatov VD

Об авторах

Маматов В.Д. /Пермский филиал ООО "Буровая компания "Евразия"/ Mamatov VD (⌠Eurasia■ Drilling Company, branch in Perm)

Ключевые слова

: методы воздействия на призабойную зону пласта (ПЗП), ремонт скважин, кислотная обработка ПЗП, двухпакерные компоновки, многопакерно-секционные компоновки КОУС-ОРЭ.

Key words

Reservoir BH application procedures, well work-over, BH acid treatment, double-packer arrangement, multi-packer sectional КОУС-ОРЭ equipment.


Представлен материал о применении системы многопакерно-секционных компоновок КОУС-ОРЭ для обработок ПЗП на многопластовых месторождениях. Описываются преимущества данной технологии, благодаря которым возможно устранить недостатки, возникающие при проведении селективных обработок кислотными составами с применением двухпакерной компоновки.


The author provides the materials on application of КОУС-ОРЭ multi-packer sectional equipment for BH treatments at reservoirs with several pays. He gives the advantages of the procedure that helps to eliminate the drawbacks that appear at the stages of selective acid composition treatments through the application of double-packer arrangements.

Бурильные, обсадные, насосно-компрессорные и нефте-газопроводные трубы

Вопросы разработки и применения резьбовых соединений обсадных и насосно-компрессорных труб класса "премиум" отечественного производителя при строительстве и эксплуатации нефтяных и газовых скважин

Емельянов Ю.Ф. /ООО "ТМК Премиум Сервис"/

Aspects of Design and Application of Russian Premium Class Casing and Tubing Threads for Construction and Operation of Oil and Gas Wells


Ключевые слова

: строительство нефтяных и газовых скважин, эксплуатация нефтяных и газовых скважин, обсадныe трубы, насосно-компрессорные трубы, новые резьбовые соединения (НРС).

Key words

construction of oil and gas wells, operation of oil and gas wells, casing pipes, tubing, new threaded connections (NTC).


В статье представлена информация о работе ОАО "ТМК" по созданию и внедрению новых резьбовых соединений (НРС) обсадных и насосно-компрессорных труб, обладающих свойствами герметичности, способных выдерживать сильное сжатие, высокое давление (окружающей среды) и изгиб. Представлен процесс проектирования резьбовых соединений, изготовления опытных образцов. Описаны промысловые испытания опытно-промышленной партии НРС.


The paper contains the information on the works of ОАО "ТМК" Co. on designing and applying the new threaded connections for casing and tubing that ensure high integrity and possess the ability to withstand the effects of high compression, high pressure (formation) and bending. He also presents the process to design the threaded connections and production of pilot samples. He also describes the oil field pilot test results of these connections.

Использование внутреннего антикоррозионного покрытия на бурильных, насосно-компрессорных трубах и промысловых трубопроводах

Сологубов А.Н. (ООО "Завод по изоляции труб")

Application of Internal Corrosion-resistant Coating for Drilling, Tubing Pipes and Field Pipelines

AN Sologubov (OOO ⌠Pipe Isolation Plant■)

Ключевые слова

: антикоррозионное покрытие, защита насосно-компрессорных труб (НКТ), защита бурильных труб, защита промысловых трубопроводов, изоляция труб.

Key words

corrosion-resistant coating, protection of tubing, protection of drill pipes, protection of field pipelines, pipe insulation.


В статье рассматриваются способы внутренней защиты бурильных труб, насосно-компрессорных труб (НКТ), промысловых трубопроводов. Представлены перспективы развития ООО ╚Завод по изоляции труб╩, связанные с осуществлением работ по нанесению внутренних защитных покрытий на бурильные трубы, НКТ и трубы для промысловых трубопроводов.


The paper considers the procedures to arrange the internal drill pipe and tubing protective coatings and to protect field pipelines. He also presents the perspectives of OOO ⌠Pipe Isolation Plant■, related to the jobs in applying the internal protective coatings for drilling and tubing pipes and the pipes used for oil field pipelines.

Новое - хорошо забытое старое

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