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Glushchenko VN, Ptashko OA Kharisov RJ, Denisova AV Acid treatment: the compositions, reaction mechanisms and design. - Ufa Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Gil, 2010 .- 392s., Il.

The book covers are not widely covered in the literature esperementalnye results of physical and chemical properties acid compositions for the treatment of carbonate reservoirs and the accompanying dissolution of sparingly soluble oxides, sulfates, sulfides and carbonates of metals with electrolytes, polar and non-electrolytes, surface - active substances and their theoretical lignosulfonate - empirical justification. The versatility and unique characteristics of these acid compositions with the recommended conditions of their practical use can significantly improve the effectiveness of the acid exposure in the traditional technological performance. A method for selecting wells for their acid stimulation and the design of such treatments as applied to porous and porous - Cracks carbonate reservoirs. For engineering and technical personnel engaged in the intensification of oil production, teachers and students of higher technical educational institutions of the oil profile.
VN Glushchenko, MA Silin Oilfield Chemistry. Univ. In 5 volumes. - Solutions of electrolytes Vol.1 / ed. prof. Mishchenko I.T. - M. Intercontact Science, 2009. - 588 sec.: Ill.

The book presents modern concepts of electrolyte solutions that are crucial in the process of application of chemicals production, transportation and treatment. The different compositions elektrosoderzhaschie, held their systematization, analysis and synthesis of all the basic properties of electrolyte solutions, methods of calculation, management and settlement, involving extensive theoretical and experimental literature data. Focuses on the influence of thermobaric factor corresponding to the real reservoir and well conditions. Theoretical calculations are accompanied by case studies that allow them to bring to the solution of practical problems. Taken together, the material described leads to a deeper understand the diversity of properties, both of the electrolytes and their solutions that are critical to oil field chemistry.
The monograph is provided with extensive experimental data, the information in the applications. Intended for scientific and technical workers petroleum and petrochemical industries, as well as for teachers and students of higher technical education. Can serve as a reference for professionals involved in application of chemicals processes in oil and gas. It will be interesting to all workers in the oil business from the production, transportation and refining, to marketing and sales of finished products.
Glushchenko VN, Silin, MA Oilfield Chemistry. Univ. In 5 volumes. - Moscow: Intercontact Science, 2010. - Volume 2 Volume and surface-active properties of liquids. - 549s. The book presents modern concepts of state, rheology and hydraulics of fluid systems used in mining, transportation and treatment. Considered in detail capacitive-filtration characteristics of the collection space. Given their different model descriptions and rigorous mathematical interpretation. Much attention was paid to the surface-active properties of gases, liquids, solids and surfactant solutions in different environments due to their adsorption, capillary and wedge action in place. Relationship examined the properties of liquids can not only expand existing concepts, but also in the classical theories to manage them in specific processes chemicalization oil. The book is of interest to scientists and engineers oil and petrochemical industries, as well as for teachers and students of higher technical education. It might be of interest to all working in the oil and gas business from oil, its transportation and processing to marketing and sales of finished products.
VN Glushchenko, MA Silin. Oilfield Chemistry. Univ. In 5 volumes. - V.3 bottomhole formation zone and man-made factors in her condition. - M. Intercontact. - Science, 2010. - 650S. The book shows a systematic characterization of productive oil and gas reservoirs, analyzes layer zones (PPP) production and injection wells during the opening and operation of oil fields. Set out current thinking on the properties of the oil surface - active substances, the formation of oil-water emulsions in the PPP, causes and consequences biazarozhennosti deposits, the processes of formation of deposits in асфальтеносмолопарафиновых PPP, causal relationship of capillary and hydrodynamic phenomena in the formation of the thermodynamic conditions. The efficiency of the basic technological methods aimed at the preservation, restoration and enhancement of reservoir properties of the PPP and productive reservoirs in general. For professionals involved in the intensification of oil production, researchers and students of the university. It might be of interest to all working in the oil business - from oil, its transportation and processing to marketing and sales of finished products.
Glushchenko VN, Silin, MA, JG Guerin Oilfield Chemistry. - Univ. in 5 t. - M.: Intercontact Science, 2009 - Vol.5 prevention and elimination of асфальтеносмолопарафиновых deposits. - 475s.

The book describes the most common in oil production and transportation complications caused by the formation of the hydrocarbon reservoir fluids асфальтеносмолопарафиновых complications (AFS). Discussed in detail the chemical composition of all components making up the AFS, as well as the mechanism of their formation in the borehole, flow lines and pipelines. Based on extensive literature and the results of our studies are the most common processes of inhibitor protection of metal equipment and removal of paraffin with fluids and hydrocarbon solvents, including laboratory techniques and their selection of appropriate mathematical models.

Described the physical and chemical methods of solving the problem of transport of highly viscous oils and vysokozastyvayuschih, including the use depressatorov. An integrated approach to the described problem, the depth of empirical and theoretical analysis, critical review of world oil production experience and our own research the authors give the work an original character. Intended for scientists and engineers oil and petrochemical industry, teachers and students of technical schools of oil and gas profile. It will be interesting to all workers in the oil business - from production, transportation and refining to marketing and sales of finished products.
Glushchenko VN Technological processes of opening and oil reservoirs using inverse emulsion. - M: Intercontact Science, 2008. - 360.: Ill.

The book examines the factors of the liquid solid-clogging layer zones of natural and anthropogenic origin in downhole oil and gas development. Presents the rheological and hydrodynamic flow model of inverse emulsions through pipes in order to calculate the hydraulic friction losses, as well as patterns to filter by debt collection space. Covered the effectiveness of inverse emulsions as drilling fluid during drilling, drilling-, muting operating facilities, the acid treatment layer zones and limiting water production in comparison with water-based systems. Methods used in producing emulsions in field conditions and laboratory monitoring of their technological properties. For engineering and technical personnel involved in oil production, repair and overhaul of wells, teachers and students of higher technical educational institutions oil and gas profile.
Glushchenko VN. The inverse emulsion and suspension in the oil and gas industry. - M: Intercontact Science, 2008. - 725 sec.: Ill.

The book presents a classification of emulsions, describes methods of production, stability and regulation properties of inverse emulsions based on classical concepts of colloid and physical chemistry and oil-field practice. Summarizes the experimental results of domestic and foreign experts in the field, identifying future trends implementation of various technological aspects of inverse emulsion in oil and gas, lit the filtration characteristics of emulsions in porous and fractured media are considered distinctive features of oil-water emulsions in terms of stabilizing the natural surface-active components. The conditions for the formation of oil-water emulsions in the bottomhole formation zone in the bore wells, marked adverse effects of these phenomena to the processes of oil production, as well as methods for their prevention and elimination.
Pozdnyshev GN Manyrin VN Savel'ev, AG Promising methods of oil and eliminate oil contamination. - Samara Publishing House "Bahr M," 2004. - 440.

This book discusses promising reagents, compounds and solutions in the field of drilling, drilling-in, killing, processing, bottom zone of injection and production wells, the isolation zones inflow of formation water and the prevention of sand in the producing wells, the alignment of injectivity profile of injection wells, increase oil production layers, including the development of fields with relatively high reservoir temperature, high-viscosity cyclic paroteplovym method and operation of the depleted (of highly) of oil deposits. A distinctive feature of the considered technical solutions are their high technological and economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. The book is intended for engineers and technical workers of the oil industry, as well as employees of the environmental ecological services. Useful for students of universities and faculties of oil.
Shvetsov, I., V. Manyrin "Physico-chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery by water flooding." - Samara House Press, 2002. - 392.

The monograph is a compilation of many years of experience and large-scale deployment of field studies of physical and chemical methods to increase oil recovery by waterflooding oil reservoirs in the various oil regions of Russia. The book reflects the suggestions and recommendations of readers of the first edition of the book "Physical and chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery. Analysis and design. " In the revised version of the book are more fully described in the most common commercial practice, Russian Physico-chemical methods that enhance oil recovery heterogeneous reservoirs. We consider the hydrodynamic models of calculating the development of oil fields with the use of physical and chemical stimulation methods.

We propose a method for assessing the effectiveness of methods of enhanced oil recovery, based on the adaptation of mathematical models to develop estimates of the approximation to fakticheskim.Dan analysis and calculated the value of additional oil in the case of application of various technologies stimulation in Western Siberia and the facilities of OAO "Tatneft". To facilitate the understanding of the material presented in this book are applicable terminology and abbreviations. The annex presents a summary of the EOR used in the United States. The book is intended for scientific and technical workers of the oil industry, employment creation, improvement and application of physico-chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery. May be useful for students of universities of oil.

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