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Исследования скважин

Popov VV, Aksyutin OE, Varygs S., Tretiak, AJ Prostrelochno-blasting in the wells. - Novosibirsk, SB RAS Publishing House, with 2009-204.

The book describes the main types of prostrelochno-blasting operations performed in the supporting geophysical enterprises, prospecting, exploration and development wells in oil and gas, coal deposits and hydro-geological studies. Provides general information about the explosives, their properties, means of initiation and ignition of gunpowder. We consider the device sets, organization and implementation of technology gruntonosnogo testing, casing perforations, torpedoing, works with gunpowder generator pressure catcher implosive, explosive packers and formation tester to the cable, which use explosives. Particular attention is paid to the organization and the safe conduct of prostrelochno-blasting. The book is intended for scientists, students and graduate students, and oil exploration universities, engineering and technical employees of oil and gas companies engaged in the implementation of technology facilities wells.

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