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Строительство скважин

Babayan, EV Drilling technology. - 2nd ed. Ext. - Krasnodar Council. Kuban, 2009. - 896s.

The book presents modern drilling technology, as well as new developments, which are used in oil and gas fields. The main idea of ​​the book lies in justifying the magnitude of the differential pressure in the system well-formation. This indicator in the current state of technology determines the mechanical drilling speed, the degree of contamination of bottom zone of productive strata, the stability of the borehole walls and lower costs for the elimination of lost circulation and gazoneftevodoproyavleny. For the first time fully described technology of drilling with downhole pressure given, including and drawdown. The book is intended to specialists involved in developing projects for the construction of oil and gas drilling, engineering and technical personnel of drilling companies, customers, financiers of oil and gas companies, professionals involved in the development of computer programs, and, finally, the book can be used to teach engineering Technology workers well control during drilling and gazoneftevodoproyavleniyah drawdown.

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