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Ремонт скважин

Tretiak, AJ, Serdyuk NI, Kravchenko, AE Technology of CT: Novocherkassk: Izd SRSTU (NPI). - 2011.

The book examines issues of technology and the technology of continuous string of flexible tubing. Describes the basic structure of domestic and foreign units, the device of their most important sites. Provides information about the columns of flexible pipes. Provides information about the features of technological processes with the use of coiled tubing drilling, overhaul and geophysical investigations of horizontal wells. For engineering and technical personnel engaged in using technology coiled tubing, as well as a textbook for students of oilfield specialty high schools.

Kurochkin, BM Technique and technology eliminate complications while drilling and workover operations. - In 2 - books. - 2009. - 600 pages in two books, united by a common theme that includes the practice of insulating materials work and research in the complicated wells. The necessity of the laws of the location of fracture systems in connection with complications. The problems of the struggle with the absorption of the mud with the assessment of insulation zones acquisitions. Methods of Hydraulic Engineering and Research in absorbing wells. The analysis of the status and prospects for improving the hydromechanical method clogging of permeable rock. The process of fixing cavities - the tailings pond in absorbing wells.

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