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Glushchenko VN, Ptashko OA Kharisov RJ, Denisova AV Acid treatment: the compositions, reaction mechanisms and design. - Ufa Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Gil, 2010 .- 392s., Il.

The book covers are not widely covered in the literature esperementalnye results of physical and chemical properties acid compositions for the treatment of carbonate reservoirs and the accompanying dissolution of sparingly soluble oxides, sulfates, sulfides and carbonates of metals with electrolytes, polar and non-electrolytes, surface - active substances and their theoretical lignosulfonate - empirical justification. The versatility and unique characteristics of these acid compositions with the recommended conditions of their practical use can significantly improve the effectiveness of the acid exposure in the traditional technological performance. A method for selecting wells for their acid stimulation and the design of such treatments as applied to porous and porous - Cracks carbonate reservoirs. For engineering and technical personnel engaged in the intensification of oil production, teachers and students of higher technical educational institutions of the oil profile.

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