Zaporozhets, Eugene P. - Mathematical Modeling

Zaporozhets, Eugene P. - Mathematical Modeling

Textbooks for students (experts) all forms of education majors: 130 501 - "Design, construction and operation of gas pipelines and gazoneftehranilisch"; 130 503 - "Design and operation of oil and gas fields"; 130 504 - "Oil and gas wells"; 130 602 - "Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Fields"; 140 100 - "Thermal" and students (bachelor and master) students in the direction of 140 100 - "Thermal" / EP Zaporozhets, AM Gaponenko, EI Zakharchenko, GOU VPO "cube. state. Tekhnol. Univ. " - Krasnodar: Publishing House-South, 2011. - 126.

The manual outlines the issues of standard and traditional methods of transformation of differential equations for modeling of such phenomena. Given the methods of solving mathematical problems based on the fundamental laws of nature and universal models. The basic methods of processing the experimental results and their presentation in the form of generalized equations of similarity.

Designed for engineers, petroleum specialties and heat, graduate students and academics.

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