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Improving the quality of the design development of hydrocarbon deposits - the main task in the present conditions

(Published in the number 3/2012 of the magazine "Oil. Gas. Innovations")

A. Davydov,
Corresponding member of RANS
Davydov.AV @ gazpromneft-ntc.ru
/ OOO "Gazprom Neft SEC"
St. Petersburg /

The objectives of the project document and the products obtained during its preparation

The aim of the project document is the rationale for the optimal strategy development of the field, taking into account the interests of the state and subsoil users.

The traditional formulation of the problem

In the traditional formulation of the problem is a project document for the subsoil user and, therefore, is the basis (if I may say - the law), a technologically and economically efficient development of the field. In this case, when compiling the main output of the project document the results or products should be (in descending order of importance): the result - a reasonable forecast of development of the field and some of its objects, the product 1 - geological and hydrodynamic models suitable for the maintenance and continued use, the product 2 - adoption of the protocol of the project document state agencies (Rosnedra, the Ministry of Energy). In this formulation takes into account both the interests of the state and plans for the development of the subsoil user specific field, and taking into account the integrated development of the area of ​​the field. The change in strategy development of the field is easily calculated on the models in a relatively short period of time, and the emergence of new data in the process of development of the field allows to specify geological and hydrodynamic models, that is, in fact, translate them into the regime of standing.

The modern formulation of the problem

In the modern formulation of the problem runs a project document for regulatory authorities. In this case, the priority in the preparation of project document is the product of two - a protocol decision of the project document state agencies (Rosnedra, the Ministry of Energy). No other priorities as well as a goal - this is just the closure of licensing risks. Accordingly, no results of the first two products, and a third product, obtained as a result of this approach is generally of poor quality. And if you do not have the first two components, it follows that there is no accurate prediction even in the short term facilities for the development and field as a whole, not to mention the prediction of geological and technical measures to optimize the development of productive facilities. But the most major problem in this formulation - is that such a document can not and does not constitute a basis for effective technology development of the field. So, after performing its task, it is safely placed on the shelf, since it is obvious that in a year (and sometimes in the next year) will be the next document, etc. And it does not have to do because it was not confirmed predictions ( Unfortunately, due to the specific location of our facilities is common), but because the document does not claim to be sufficiently accurate predictions.

Assessment of the quality of the project

In order to assess the quality of the project should be clearly understood that this can be done only in the traditional formulation of the problem. The quality of the project depends primarily on the skills of professionals working at his drawing. (This, of course, we will not be tied to overhead costs, the cost of rent, etc., or all arguments are meaningless). This is due to the fact that the software used in the preparation of the project, all project companies is practically the same. Consequently, highly qualified specialists, providing the opportunity to take a technologically correct solution even in the limited source of information and of knowledge (which, unfortunately, to varying degrees, common to all hydrocarbon deposits), one way or another leads to an increase in the cost of the project. In addition, highly skilled professionals can offer a subsoil user to review as part of new (innovative) approaches, which also, on the one hand, it would increase the cost of the project, on the other - will be removed from the subsoil user of the project substantially greater benefit. Thus, to evaluate the quality of the project should in the first place, he subsoil user. Help the subsoil user and authorities in the evaluation of projects designed to examination, carried out by highly qualified experts to review the work of the meetings of public bodies. Unfortunately, the concept of the project expertise in the development of hydrocarbon deposits are physically absent. Implementation of the project appraisal should be legally enshrined in the law "On Subsoil".

Demand for project

Currently, there is a perception that good projects are not needed, the project is worth a penny. That's right - from the modern formulation of the problem that is exactly what it should. However, this opinion exists only in our country, to be exact - at the Russian subsoil. Hence, for a tender for development of the project to determine its value was dominated by dumping. In considering this issue in relation to Western companies all at once becomes upside down. Project is paid very close attention, we investigate different approaches, the number of options for developing the field of settlement can amount to tens - and all this only because Western companies are planning to carry out (!) Project in those amounts and at such times, they say state authorities after consideration project. In this regard, control of the subsoil user of the implementation of the project is ongoing. West subsoil user selects the best, in his opinion, the contractor and the cost of the project here is not the first role. Why? Because Western companies realize it is a traditional formulation of the problem of design development, because they want to project all possible outcomes and products. Because of the technological quality of the project depends on the field development project and huge investment in infrastructure. Because the cost of one well fold higher than the cost of the project, and the failure to prevent drilling or second hole from a financial point of view is unacceptable. Therefore, Western companies are prepared ahead of time to compile the project, and deadlines, the project cost is optimal for the task.

The best projects in 2011

The question of the best and worst projects - quite controversial, because they all passed through state agencies (in this case - through the Ministry of Energy and Rosnedra). Evaluation of the project - this is a purely subjective assessment of the author. Nevertheless, let me express the opinion that one of the best design work carried out in 2011, is a "Supplement to the oil and gas development plan Chayvo" (project "Sakhalin-1"), made of JSC "INKONKO" commissioned by the company " ENL ", the operator of the field. It was while working on this project have been implemented all of the approaches that allow high-quality complete the project and get the desired result. All options are calculated and projected levels of oil, gas and condensate were linked with the possibilities of construction and reconstruction of its ways - one, hydraulic characteristics of the fluid and gas in horizontal shafts stretching over 12 kilometers - two possible innovations in drilling - three, the company's plans for volume of drilling, taking into account the actual timing of sinking wells - four. And most importantly - with regard to the requirements of Russian law and obligations of the company. The entire process is controlled by the calculations, the results of calculations quickly analyzed, the production plans, adjustments are made, etc. Timing of the project and its costs have been determined taking into account the possible multiple additional calculations. The result was the timely implementation of the project and protect it at all levels.


A. In order to subsoil user has a quality project, he has to want it.
Two. It is impossible to combine the high quality of the project with its cost low. Good specialists are expensive. It is recognized throughout the world, except us. Over the drafting of working doctors and candidates of sciences, experts of high erudition and knowledge - so why it should not be valued?
Three. Necessary to restore and consolidate the law institute of expertise in the petroleum industry. This allows, first, to control at the state level, the quality of projects, and secondly, to obtain the objective forecasts of production levels of hydrocarbons, thirdly, to forecast tax revenues to the treasury for the solution of national problems.
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