№ 12 (12) 2008.

"Interval. Advanced Oil and Gas Technology "

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Main Theme: Innovations in drilling

Geology and geological exploration

Use of mobile geoelectrical methods for exploration of oil and gas

Levashov SP, Yakimchuk MA Korchagin, IN {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Levashov SP, Yakimchuk MA / Institute of Applied Ecology, Geophysics and Geochemistry, Kiev /, IN Korchagin / Institute of Geophysics NASU / {/tabs}{/slide}

Effective method of searching for hydrocarbons in the lithological complexes of West Siberia

Leontiev IY Ponomarev, VE, Herman B., Harrington P. {slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Leontiev IY Ponomarev, VE / OAO "Novatek" / Herman W. / HVH /, Harrington PA / WLGore & Associates lnc. / {/tabs}{/slide}

Features of distribution of micro-components in the formation waters

oil and gas complexes of the Annunciation and the saddle Birsky depression east of the Russian Plate Sokolov VN, Masagutov AD {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Sokolov VN, Masagutov AD / OOO "Bashneft Geoproekt" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Analysis of the effectiveness of cyclic flooding in coal deposits Vozeyskogo field

Fomin, DG, Kazankova IV, Volkov, VA {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Fomin DG, Kazankova IV / OOO "PechorNIPIneft" / Volkov, VA / Of "Delta-prom" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Drilling wells

Creases in the drilling, or Dizzy with success

Kulchitsky V. {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Kulchitsky V. / RSU of Oil and Gas. IM Gubkin / {/tabs}{/slide}

Experience in development and results of lightweight drilling fluids in the fields of the Middle Ob

Grandmother EV, Nurlygayanov FF {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Grandmother EV, Nurlygayanov FF / OOO "KogalymNIPIneft" / {/tabs}{/slide}

New approaches to the calculation of the stability of the drill string and Design

profiles well Barsky, IL, Guzman AM, Makarov, PA, Oganov GS {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Barsky, IL, Guzman AM, Makarov, PA, Oganov GS / NPO "Drilling Equipment" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Optimization of drilling a conductor on the Talakan field in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Gorgots VD, Gerasimenko, NA Zakharenko, AV, FR Yahshibekov {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Gorgots VD, Gerasimenko, NA, AV Zakharenkov / Department 'SurgutNIPIneft ", OJSC" Surgutneftegas "/ FR Yahshibekov / OAO "Surgutneftegaz" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Rapid assessment of porosity clastic reservoir rocks with slurry during drilling

Sidorovich SN Shishlova LM {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Sidorovich SN Shishlova LM / JSC NPF "Geophysics" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Investigation of the angle of inclination of the spiral blades calibrators BHA depending on the flow of drilling mud and drill string rotation frequency

Prokhorenko V. {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} V. Prokhorenko / NPO "Drilling Technology" - VNIIBT / {/tabs}{/slide}

Technical level turbodrills

Shaydakov V. {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Shaydakov V. / Ufa State Oil Technical University, Engineering Company "INKOMP-oil" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Increased recovery neftegazootdachi

Development of actions aimed at improving the quality of side boreholes in Western Siberia

Bakirov DL, Burdyga VA Fattakhov MM {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Bakirov DL, Burdyga VA Fattakhov MM / OOO "KogalymNIPIneft" Kogalym / {/tabs}{/slide}

Sidetracking and hydraulic fracturing of wells: the experience of the JSC "Kogalymnefteprogress"

Lapaskin VN {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Lapaskin VN / JSC "Kogalymnefteprogress" Kogalym / {/tabs}{/slide}

Improving oil and gas production through technology radial opening seams

Faerman, SA, Lindsay, D., Ibrahimov, FM {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Faerman SA, Lindsay J. / ╚Radial Drilling Services, lnc.╩ /, Ibragimov, FM / RV-Plast Ltd "/ {/tabs}{/slide}

Development and implementation of enhanced oil recovery BIOGEOTECHNOLOGY in the fields of Western Siberia and Bashkortostan

Yulbarisov EM, Yulbarisov IM {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Yulbarisov EM, Yulbarisov IM / ZAO "Ingeoholding" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Transportation of oil and gas

The introduction of new technologies in isolation of "Samaraneftegaz"

Petrov SM, Strunkina SI, Khrunov GN {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Petrov SM, Strunkina SI, Khrunov GN / OJSC "Samaraneftegaz" / {/tabs}{/slide}

The achievement of Russian companies

Small-sized electric steam plant (MEDA) - hit demand in 2007-2008.

Новое - хорошо забытое старое

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