№ 2 (02) 2000.

"Interval. Advanced Oil and Gas Technology "

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Oil and Gas Complex - the locomotive of the Russian economy

Development of combined technologies of enhanced oil recovery of carbonate reservoirs

{Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} EM Yulbarisov, RM Tuhteev, U.N. Sadykov, NV Zhdanov - BashNIPIneft, Ufa {/tabs}{/slide}

Selection of the optimal composition of the mixture with the water-gas repression

Fruitful collaboration

Internet and the oil business

{Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} DA Slavnov {/tabs}{/slide}

Новое - хорошо забытое старое

(Опубликовано в №06/2011 журнала «Нефть. Газ. Новации»)