№ 7 (07) 2001.

"Interval. Advanced Oil and Gas Technology "

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Develop and implement technologies to improve oil recovery

Almaev AD, Bazekina LV, Baydalin VS Nasibullin AA {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Almaev AD, Bazekina LV, Baydalin VS Nasibullin AA : DOOO "Bashkir Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil" {/tabs}{/slide}

The effectiveness of EOR on results of the indicator series of studies in the fields of OJSC "TNK-Nizhnevartovsk"

Nikitin AY, Bodryagin AV, Kupriyanov, JD, Korchnoi AV {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Nikitin AY, Bodryagin AV, Kupriyanov, JD, Korchnoi AV : JSC "NC Chernogornefteotdacha" {/tabs}{/slide}

On the problems of economic evaluation of EOR methods and ways to improve their effectiveness

Yusupov, AN {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Yusupov AN : Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head. Department of Economics of the Eastern Institute of Economics, Humanities and Law {/tabs}{/slide}

Experience of using the composition NAM-9010 for stimulation of oil deposits and carbonate reservoirs JSC JV "Nafta-Ulyanovsk"

Kuzmin, VS Rudnev, AG, Verderevsky YL, YN Arefiev , MS Chagani {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Kuz'min VS Rudnev, AG : CJSC JV "Nafta-Ulyanovsk" Verderevsky YL, YN Arefiev, Chagani MS : NPP "Devon" {/tabs}{/slide}

Practices in the field of corrosion protection of steel structures, tanks, pipes and pipelines

AA Ignatiev {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} AA Ignatiev: JSC "VNIITneft", Centre number 3 {/tabs}{/slide}

The status and prospects of oil and gas complex of Russia

Avalishvili GD {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Avalishvili GD : The Team. Minister of Energy of Russia {/tabs}{/slide}

The promise of new methods to increase production at a late stage recovery of oil field development

Khisamov RS, Yakovlev SA, Kashapov HZ, Dobroskok BE, Kubareva NN Valeeva GH Yashchenko SA Study the formation and evolution of foam systems in porous media as applied to enhanced oil recovery using a block of the mobile complex BMK "Siberia╩ {slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Yashchenko SA OJSC "SibINKo {/tabs}{/slide}

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