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Tretiak, Alexander Y.

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Name: Tretiak, Alexander Yakovlevich

Tretiak, Alexander Yakovlevich - one of the leading professors of the South-Russian State Technical University (NPI), which made a significant contribution to training highly qualified specialists. Tretiak, AJ is a high-koprofessionalnym high school teachers who have been working at the university for 27 years. For 10 years, before joining SRSTU (NPI), working in production, was his career as the master to the chief engineer of a major geological - prospecting expedition. In 1983. was invited to the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute as an assistant professor, Ph.D. thesis defended in 1980, working in production, the docking tive - in 1995

During his time at university he served as associate professor, professor, head of the department for four years, vice-rector for scientific work, for six years Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, for the past fifteen years, serves as the head of the department, "oil and gas well drilling and geophysics"

On his initiative and active participation in the university opened new and promising profession, "Oil and Gas Wells", "Safety of industrial processes", "Surveying", prepared by an appropriate methodological support, created the material and technical base with the involvement of the industry, opened and equipped modern drilling, geophysical surveying instruments and 5 specialized learning laboratories, including laboratories oil and gas wells, washing and cement slurry. With his direct participation of developed and implemented training plans multi-level system of higher education, organized and successfully trains undergraduate and graduate.

It has high achievements in scientific research. During his time Tretiak AJ in the position of vice-rector for scientific work from 1998 to 2002. amount of research at the university increased by 9 times, the number of doctoral and master's theses - to 1.5-fold, significantly increased acceptance to graduate school. On his initiative and with direct involvement in the creation of new university research departments: Innovation Centre, Technology Park Don, centers of expertise and energy saving, environmental center, the fund is established science of 1.2 million rubles for the development of basic research, assist in the preparation of highly qualified personnel and publication of scientific papers. The results of research Tretiak AJ in engineering and technology facilities well received practical application in many organizations.

Tretiak, AJ is actively preparing highly qualified personnel, as a supervisor of graduate students, the chairman of the Dissertation Council for doctoral and master's theses at the South-Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute), a member of the Dissertation Council of the North-Caucasian State Technological University.

Tretiak, AJ has 125 publications, including 8 monographs, 3 textbooks, 8 textbooks with the stamp of Russian Ministry of Education and TMA, 15 inventor's certificates and patents.

Tretiak, AJ successfully combines a fruitful scientific and pedagogical work with a great social activity as a member of the Presidium of TMA in two areas of training: "Applied geology", "Oil and gas business," chairman of the South Branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a member of the Academic Council and its committees.

He was awarded the breast signs of "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation" and "Honorary Prospector," the Order of the Russian Academy of Science "for the benefit homeland" named VNTatishchev, he was awarded the honorary title "Honorary Professor SRSTU (NPI)."

For long-term fruitful work and achievements in the educational activities of excellence for the industry, excellence in research to develop techniques and technology of drilling oil wells Tretiak, Alexander Yakovlevich presented to the award of the State award - an honorary title "Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation."

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