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Design of geological and technical measures at the later stage of development of oil and gas deposits

VV Kapustin {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} In this paper we study the complex of activities aimed at involving the active development of stranded oil reserves. Technology is an implementation of several successive stages, aimed at analyzing the structure of oil and identification of problem areas for subsequent technology impacts. For these purposes, used the technique of modeling underlying the software systems of the Triassic and Delta Oil. Novikov SS, Rabaeva NS, Rakitin, TA {Tab = About the Authors} VV Kapustin - Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology Samara {tab = keywords} hard-to-oil reserves, geological and technical measures, the program complex TRIASSIC, program complex Delta Oil {/tabs}{/slide}

Progress and prospects of the method three-logging geoacoustic

{Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} The article presents a new technology research of oil and gas wells - three-geoacoustic logging. Previously, the magazine published an article on this technology. This paper is a continuation of previous publications, it contains examples of geoacoustic method logging is the sole and irreplaceable way to solve the problem. Borisov, AG {Tab = About the Authors} Novikov SS, Rabaeva NS, Rakitin TA: PKF "Nedra-C", Astrakhan, tel. / fax: (851-2) 01.18.48, 30-12-32 {tab = keywords} study of oil and gas wells, three-geoacoustic logging, fluid flow, watering hole, and behind-mezhkolonnye overflows {/tabs}{/slide}

Processing results centrifugation rocks using mathematical modeling

Borisov, AG {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} Centrifugation as a way to rock the capillary pressure (SAC) is common, but not always SAC received in an ultracentrifuge coincide with the curves obtained at kapillyaremetre. The author has used mathematical modeling. The advantage of cell model is that its capabilities are not limited to one-and two-dimensional solutions, and allow you to create a full three-dimensional model of the sample, which makes it possible to simulate the centrifugation inclined and even vertical patterns {tab = About the Authors} Borisov AG: TyumenNIIgiprogaz, city Tyumen {tab = keywords} studies of oil reservoirs, the method of centrifugation rocks capillary pressure curves (SAC), cell modeling, three-dimensional model. {/tabs}{/slide}


Hydro processing method wellbore annulus to prevent dilution of cement in the initial period OZTS

Kateev IS, Kateeva RI, RI Kateev, Andrei I., Starov OE, Lukonin AM {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} In the present at least two factors are not effective and low-cost ways to prevent their negative impact on the quality of the fixing holes: the remains of mud inside the column and the annulus area and the migration of formation water in the annulus and grout dilution of the latter in the initial period OZTS. To solve these problems, new technologies. {Tab = About the Authors} Kateev IS, RI Kateeva LLC "Ekobur" Kateev RI: Institute "TatNIPIneft" Guskov, IV: OJSC "Tatneft", trying to OE , Lukonin AM: OOO "Drilling╩ {tab = keywords} construction of wells, fixing holes, Cementation columns, hydro-jet method of processing borehole {/tabs}{/slide}

Field development

Choice of a rational set of effective methods of oil production - a solid theoretical and practical basis

Diamond SG {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} presented the award Academician IM Gubkin Scientific-technical work, "Generalization of methods of developing oil fields in the late stage and their practical application in fields of OJSC" Samaraneftegaz "has a high scientific and practical value. Presented in its effective experience of designing and implementing a rational complex of modern methods of increasing oil production will be useful in many oil-producing regions of Russia {tab = About the Authors} Diamond SG: Jury member of the All-Russian competition for the award of Academician IM Gubkin, the Samara regional branch of the STS oil and gas industry {tab = keywords} oil development at a late stage, residual oil, the intensification of oil recovery, EOR design, three-dimensional mathematical model of oil reservoirs, the premium academician IM Gubkin {/tabs}{/slide}

Field development

Generalization of methods of developing oil fields in the late stage and their practical application in the fields of "Samaraneftegaz"

Diamond SG {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} The paper presents best practices in developing oil fields of OJSC "Samaraneftegaz" at a late and final stages, where the last nine years has been actively design and implement modern technology of oil production, thereby further mined 25.05 million tons of oil. This scientific and technical work submitted for the award of Academician IM Gubkin {tab = About the Authors} Manasyan AE, Kozhin VN: OJSC "Samaraneftegaz" Sazonov, BF, Ponomarev AG Berezhnaya, GN, EK Solozhenkin LLC " Technology Centre, BF Sazonov, ie (846) 242-70-04,242-68-86, 274-02-76 www.tcsazonova.ru {tab = keywords} development of oil fields in the late stage of the maps of residual oil saturation thickness and profile sections, three-dimensional multiphase mathematical model, the method of unsteady flood, potokootklonyayuschie technology, secondary baring {/tabs}{/slide}

Investigation of possibilities of the thermo-polymer effects experts "Giprovostokneft"

Nemkov AS, Kovalev GA {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} JSC "Giprovostokneft" for several years conducting research on the detailed study and improve technology thermopolymer stimulation. TPV Technology have a number of technological and technical advantages over other thermal methods, and have great potential. {Tab = About the Authors} Nemkov AS, Kovalev GA: JSC "Giprovostokneft, Samara {tab = keywords} hard-to-oil, thermopolymer impact on the formation (TPV) {/tabs}{/slide}


Technology of repair and insulation works and works to eliminate high-intensity acquisitions drilling fluids in the wells of LLC "Gazprom mining Krasnodar" with the use of gel-forming compositions

Anosov, EV, Molodan DA {Slide = details} {tab =} Annotated LLC "Gazprom mining Krasnodar" on the basis of development of gelling compositions developed and implemented the technology of repair and insulation works and works to eliminate high-intensity acquisitions drilling fluids. As a result of the introduction of additional gas production of 119 438 thousand m3, oil, gas and additional oil mixture - 83, 154 tons, reducing the amount of produced formation water {tab = About the Authors} Anosov, EV and DA Molodan LLC "Gazprom mining Krasnodar", Krasnodar, {tab = keywords} production in the late stages of field development, waterproofing works, increase gas recovery beds, insulating compounds, repair and insulation work, the elimination of acquisitions vysokiintensivnyh drilling fluids. {/tabs}{/slide}

Innovative equipment for repair and insulation works

Makoveev OP {Slide = details} {tab =} Annotated innovation of "Crown of Energy" is a pump-mixer ONS-500 unit for RIR and of acid-500D SCR ONS. The purpose of development - creation of a mobile pumping unit for cement works on the wells, bottom-hole treatment wells (IPF) formation and repair-insulation works in drilling and workover. {Tab = About the Authors} Director General, JSC "Korona-TEK", Samara, etc. (846) 342-65-94 {tab = keywords} processing bottom-hole zones of the layer (IPF), repair of wells, pumping and mixing Rigs, DM and of IPF, the hydraulic drive. {/tabs}{/slide}


The experience of "Samaraneftegaz" in the transportation of heavy high-viscosity

Postelnikov AA Salyaev VV, AI Sherbinin {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Postelnikov AA, VV Salyaev LLC "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara, etc. (846) 205-86-00, 205-86-01 Sherbinin A . I.: OJSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara {tab = keywords} highly viscous oil, extra heavy oil, pipelines, transportation complications of heavy oil, light oil dilution, heat treatment, depressor additives, solvents, paraffin {tab = Annotated} presents technological methods of dealing with complications arising during transport heavy oil and the activities associated with changes in the rheology of oil. {/tabs}{/slide}

Parameter optimization of oil pipeline vysokoparafinistoy Petruhnovskogo field line with the existing terrestrial infrastructure

Shashel VA, Vakulenko S., Grishagin AV Kologreeva TI {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} Presented best practices to develop an optimal model of delivery of highly viscous oils and vysokozastyvayuschih consumer. {Tab = About the Authors} Shashel VA, Vakulenko SN: JSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara Shashel VA, Vakulenko SN: JSC "Samaraneftegaz", ie (846) 337 - 59-51, 227-23-47 Grishagin AV Kologreeva TI: LLC "SamaraNIPIneft" t. (846) 205-86-00, 205-86-01 {tab = keywords} pipelines, highly viscous oil, Petruhanovskoe field, designing the pipeline, pipeline cleaning, modeling the separation process fluid dilution method vysokozastyvayuschey oil, heat treatment oil pipeline with a "skin effect" {/tabs}{/slide}

Centralized control over the integrity of oil pipelines

Lukonin AB, Siraeva ZS {Slide = details} {tab =} Annotated leak detection system (SDA) oil transportation makes it possible to solve a complex problem for the control and protection of pipelines. Implementation of the JMA has improved the control of technological processes in the pipeline, to minimize leakage when pumping oil to provide protection against unauthorized taps. {Tab = About the Authors} OOO "Tatneft-Samara", Almetyevsk, ie (88 553) 30-28-20, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it {tab = keywords} pipeline transport, leak detection system (SDA), automatic monitoring of the pipeline, the pipeline protection {/tabs}{/slide}


Innovation - the path to stability

Shabashev EF, BI Soldatkin {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} Presented material on the development of innovative scientific-production enterprise "Contex", which specializes in the implementation of modern technologies and equipment for collection and processing of oil, gas and water {tab = About the Authors} OOO NPP " Contex ", Samara, ie (846) 224-53-72, 222-04-92, 222-04-93, www.kontex.ru, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it {tab = keywords} collection and preparation Oil and gas booster pump stations (BPS), set preliminary water (Treatment Plants), installation of oil (Oil) depulsator, setting track water separation (UPVOK) {/tabs}{/slide}

Oil and gas

Integrated design objects refining

Kopaseva LA {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} presents the most significant projects of one of the leading engineering companies in Russia in the field of oil refining and petrochemical institute Samaraneftehimproekt. {Tab = About the Authors} Kopaseva LA: Director General of OAO "Samaraneftehimproekt", Samara, etc. (846) 335-66-18, 278-50-03, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it {tab = Keywords } design objects refining complexes hydrocracking complex FCC, complexes CCR, reconstruction of refineries, environmental safety, the greening of petroleum products. {/tabs}{/slide}

High-tech approach to the production of lubricants and additives

Fomin VN {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} We present a program of modernization of the plant oils and additives that work to improve the formulation of lubricants and additives {tab = About the Authors} OOO "Novokuibyshevsk plant oils and additives," that is (84635) 3-41-29 Fax: (846) 377-35-70, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it {tab = keywords} lubricants, additives for motor oils {/tabs}{/slide}


The influence of regulation mechanisms for the reproduction and development of mineral resources reserves

Spade AV {Slide = details} {tab = Annotated} The article deals with aspects of the appropriateness of regulatory tools to encourage replacement of reserves of mineral resources in Russia. {Tab = About the Authors} Samara State Economics University, Samara, etc. (846) 224-07-54, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it {/tabs}{/slide}

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