№ 12 (12) 2010.

"Oil. Gas. Innovations ╩№ 12/2010

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MAIN ISSUE: Construction and maintenance of wells.

Current issues of construction and repair of wells

{Slide = details} {tab =} Abstract The article presents information on the International scientific-practical conference "Building and repairing holes - 2010," reflect the views of the participants (Gelendzhik, September-October)

Best practices and perspectives of development of scientific-production firm "NITPO": interview with CEO of VM Stroganov


Rational design method s-shaped profiles deviated wells
Design Prosedure for Rational S-type Profilese of Directional-Incline Wells

Hunters AB Okhotnikov AB {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} Based on the analysis of properties of S-shaped profile of the barrel directional wells and identified dependencies, developed a method of designing S-shaped profile of the barrel, which provides the minimum cost of the well. {Tab = Abstract} Basing upon the analysis of S-shape well-bore profile of directional-inclined wells and the revealed dependences, the authors have developed the procedure of S-shape well-bore profile design, providing the minimum well cost. {Tab = About the Authors} Hunters AB / GC "Integra", LLC "Smith Production Technology╩ / Okhotnikov AB / Integra Group, LLC Smith Production Technology / {tab = keywords} Construction of wells, directional wells, design of hole {tab = Key words} well construction, directional-inclined wells, designing of a well-bore.

Modern designs of drill bits of "Volgaburmash" and use them effectively
Of VOLGABURMASH (VOLGABURMASH, JSC) Modern Drill Bit Design and Their Effective Application

Nekrasov, IN Nekrasov IN {slide = details} {tab =} Abstract The paper presents new developments in the field of rock cutting tool. A large amount of research and development work carried out by specialists of OJSC "Volgaburmash" will significantly expand the range produced by the enterprise and diamond cone bits, to increase their service life and technological efficiency. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the new designs of rock cutting tools. Great scope of research and design works performed by the experts of OAO "VOLGABURMASH" has allowed the significant expansion of the list of manufactured diamond and roll-cutting bits, to increase their service life and process efficiency. {Tab = About the Authors} Nekrasov IN / OJSC "Volgaburmash╩ / Nekrasov IN / OAO VOLGABURMASH (VOLGABURMASH, JSC) / {tab = keywords} drilling directional wells, diamond drill bits, roller cone bits. {Tab = Key words} Drilling of directional-inclined wells, diamond-drilling bits, roller-cutter bits.

A way to increase efficiency at the turbine drilling
Procedure to Increase the Efficiency of Turbine Drilling

Kuznetsov NP, Muzipov HN, Savinykh YA, Khmara GA Kuznetsov NP, Muzipov Kh.N., Savinykh Yu. A., Khmara GA {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} We consider the optimal ways to control the axial load on the bit during drilling. Calculations allowing for the expense of eliminating the influence of fluctuations in the string of drill pipes, caused by the work of the mud pump, drilling mode to optimize and ensure the uniform rotation of the bit. {Tab = Abstract} The paper considers the ways to regulate the optimum axial bit load during well drilling. There are the calculations allowing through the elimination of pulse influences inside the drill pipe caused by the operation of mud pumps to optimize the drilling modes and to provide the uniform drill bit rotation. {Tab = About the Authors} Kuznetsov NP, HN Muzipov (JSC "Tyumen Oil Research Center") Savinykh YA, Khmara GA (GOU VPO "Tyumen State Oil and Gas University")
Kuznetsov NP / OOO Tyumen Petroleum Scientific Center / Muzipov Kh.N. / OOO Tyumen Petroleum Scientific Center / Savinykh Yu.A., Khmara GA / Tyumen State Oil and Gas University / {tab = About} Keywords drilling, weight on bit, drilling optimization of the elastic waves. {Tab = Key words} drilling of wells, bit load, optimization of drilling modes, elastic waves.

Biopolymer Fluids series ╚HBN 2010" for exploratory drilling
HBN 2010 Bio-polymer drilling mud for Exploration drilling

Moyse N., Moyse YU.N Filippov, EF Moysa N.Yu., Moysa Yu.N., Filippov EF {slide = details} {tab =} Abstract We present field data on the results of the application development company "NPO" Himburneft "on Chikanskoye, Sobinsky and South Kovykta fields in Eastern Siberia, confirming effectiveness of the proposed biopolymer drilling fluid systems. Using a series of solutions, "HBN 2010" together with the insulating compounds, "Himpak" allows you to achieve the nominal diameter of the barrel in salt deposits, to prevent absorption or eliminate them, eliminate rapoproyavleniya qualitatively and drilling-{tab = Abstract} The paper provides the oil field data following the design application results of Chimburneft NPO works at Eastern Siberian fields: Chikanskjye, Sobinskjye and Yuzhno-Kovyktinskoye. These works have confirmed the efficiency of applying the proposed biopolymer drilling compositions. Application of HBN 2010 chemical solutions together with "Chimpack" isolating structures allow to achieve well-bore nominal diameter in salt depositions, to prevent absorption or to control mud loss, to exclude brine show and to perform high-quality reservoir drilling-in. {Tab = About the Authors} Moyse N., Moyse YU.N / OOO "NPO" Himburneft "/ Filippov, EF / CHU WEI "Academy IMSIT" /
Moysa N.Yu. / OOO NPO Chimburneft /, Moysa Yu.N. / OOO NPO Chimburneft / Filippov EF / IMSIT Academy / {tab = keywords} biopolymer drilling fluid, the elimination of complications rapoproyavlenie, salt deposits, borehole stability, chemicals {tab = Key words} Bio_polymer drilling mud, damage control, brine show, deposition, well-bore stability, reagents.

Improved technology in drilling-
Improvement of Reservoir Drilling in Procedure

Barmin AV Barmin AV {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} proposed technological solutions to ensure high-quality drilling-in, and based on the use of acid-soluble fillers, surfactants and oil-based solutions. Presented a program to optimize the content colmatant in the mud, proposed setting-termodesorber for processing of hydrocarbon fluids. {Tab = Abstract} The authors propose process decisions that ensure high-quality reservoir drilling-in, based upon the application of acid soluble in-fillers, surfactants and hydrocarbon based solutions. They present a program to optimize the bridging agent content in drilling mud. The authors also propose the thermal desorbing unit to treat hydrocarbon fluids. {Tab = About the Authors} Barmin AV / OOO 'Tools Drilling Fluids, "GC" Mirrico ╩/ Barmin AV / OOO Drilling Mud Services Mirrico Group of Companies / {tab = keywords} Saving the permeability of productive strata, drilling mud, colmatant, reagents, processing uglevodorodosoderzhaschih liquids. {Tab = Key words} Conservation of reservoir permeability, drilling mud, bridging agents, reagents, hydrocarbon fluid treatment.

Techniques and Technology Enterprise "SibBurMash" Mounting sidetrack wells in order to improve the quality of zonal isolation
NPP SibBurMash Equipment and Procedures to Case Side Tracks and to Increase the Quality of Reservoir Discontinuity

Vityazev DO, Sekisov AV Khairullin B.Yu. Vitiazev DO, Sekisov AV, Hayrullin B.Yu. {Slide = details} {tab =} Abstract The basic problems of existing techniques and technologies and the shutter mounting shank with sidetrack wells. An effective method of two-stage shutter release and cementing liners with innovation SPE "SibBurMash." {Tab = Abstract} The paper discloses the basic problems of existing equipment and procedures of liner RIH and liner installation during well side-tracking. The authors propose the procedure of two-stage liner RIH and cementing through the application of SibBurMash innovations. {Tab = About the Authors} Vityazev DO, Sekisov AV Khairullin B.Yu. (JSC "NPP" SibBurMash ")
Vitiazev DO, Sekisov AV, Hayrullin B.Yu. / ZAO NPP SibBurMash / {tab = keywords} sidetracking (BSA), technology attachment laterals, descent, and cementing liners {tab = Key words} side-tracking (drilling of lateral boreholes), Procedures to case the side_ tracks, liner RIH and cementing.

Methods for rapid assessment of the successful construction of wells
Express Procedures to Evaluate Well Drilling Success

Nureyev IA Nuriev IA {slide = details} {tab =} Abstract We present evidence-based operational assessment tool built on the results of well logging and calculating the radius of the circuit power supply, allowing time to control the operation of each particular well, and apply the necessary technological measures for its effective operation. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the scientifically-proven operative procedure to evaluate the results of well constriction jobs basing upon the well logs and estimations of external reservoir boundary, allowing to monitor the operation of each individual well and to apply necessary process actions for its effective operation. {Tab = About the Authors} Nureyev IA (╚Tatneft╩) Nuriev IA / OAO Tatneft / {tab = keywords} completions, a technique to evaluate the success of wells drilled, the coefficient of fragmentation of natural reservoirs, well productivity {tab = Key words} Well completion, procedure to evaluate well drilling success, factor of natural reservoir discontinuity, well efficiency.

Experience, development and perspectives of engineering and engineering support of drilling directional wells
Practical Experience and Perspectives of Engineering Supervision Whilw Drilling Directional-Inclined Wells

Ableev MG, SS Galeev, VM Grigoryev, Kamotskii VA, Menshchikov IV Ableev MG, Galeev SS, Grigoriev VM, Kamotsky VA, Menschikov IV {slide = details} {tab =} Abstract We present new solutions in the field of information support for drilling - upgraded telemetry and control system of technological parameters of the drilling process, not inferior in its characteristics the best domestic and foreign counterparts. Made design changes have improved the accuracy of measurement and reliability of the equipment, to expand its functionality. {Tab = Abstract} The authors present new solutions in the area of ​​information support during well drilling - updated telemetry system and drilling process control system that stands the same line with the best Russian and foreign analogs. The incorporated changes in the design have allowed to raise the accuracy of parameter metering and to increase the working reliability of the equipment, to expand its functionality. {Tab = About the Authors} Ableev MG, SS Galeev, VM Grigoryev, Kamotskii VA, Menshchikov IV (OOO NPF "Horizon"), Filimonov, OV (OAO NPP "VNIIGIS╩) Ableev MG / OOO NPF Horizont / Galeev SS, Grigoriev VM, Kamotsky VA, Menschikov IV / OOO NPF Horizont /, Filimonov OV / OAO NPP VNIIGIS / {tab = keywords} construction of wells, geophysical investigations of wells control system of technological parameters, directional drilling, telemetry systems, turbo-rotary drilling method {tab = Key words} Well construction, geophysical well survey, process parameter monitoring system, directional-inclined drilling, telemetry systems, turbine-rotary drilling procedure .

Technology geophysical studies of horizontal wells and sidetracks using hardware-methodical complexes AMK "HORIZON"
Geophysical Survey Procedures for Horizontal Wells and Side Tracks Using AMK Horizont Hardware and Software Packages

Legotin LG, Sultanov, AM, Bryakin IN, Kuzmin IV, Rafikov VG Legotin LG, Sultanov AM, Briakin IN, Kuzmin IV, Rafikov VG {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} We consider the successful experience of the specialized hardware and methodical complexes (AMC "Horizon") for geophysical studies of horizontal wells and sidetracks, down to the drill tubes. The technology that allows you to conduct geophysical surveys in horizontal wells with any trajectory of the trunk and a large extent, as well as complicated deviated wells, where the use of geophysical equipment on the cable is difficult or impossible. {Tab = Abstract} The paper provides the successful experience of specialized hardware-software packages (AMC Horizont) for geophysical well survey in horizontal wells and in side-tracks, run in hole on drill pipes. The authors describe the procedure, allowing the performance of geophysical survey in horizontal wells with any well-bore trajectory and of considerable bore-hole length, as well as in complicated inclined wells where the application of wireline geophysical equipment is complicated or is impossible. {Tab = About the Authors} Legotin LG, Sultanov, AM, Bryakin IN, Kuzmin IV, Rafikov VG (OOO NPF "AMC HORIZON╩) Legotin LG, Sultanov AM, Briakin IN, Kuzmin IV, Rafikov VG / OOO NPF AMK Horizont / {tab = keywords} hardware-metodichseky complex AMC "Horizon", Geophysical Research, horizontal wells, the lateral trunks, tools, measurements. {Tab = Key words} hardware and software package of AMK "Horizont", geophysical well survey, horizontal wells, side-tracks, instruments, measurements.

"High technology" to create a system of deep movie "Argo" for cattle and drilling
Hi-Techs in Designing Deep Well "ARGO" Video Imaging System for Wel, Work-over and Drilling

Skvortsov V.Yu., Latyshev, AA {Slide = details} {tab = Abstract} The material presented high-tech system of deep movie in oil, gas, water wells, given the design features of its components, implementation of which was made possible with the use of high technology. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the material on hi-tech system of deep well video imaging in oil, gas, hydro-geological wells, design features of its components the implementation of which has became possible through the application of state-of- art technologies. {Tab = About the Authors} Skvortsov V.Yu. (OOO "Technology Research Wells") Latyshev, AA (A subsidiary of LLC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ", Ukhta) V.Yu. Skvortsov / OOO Well Survey Procedures / AA Latyshev / branch JSC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ", Ukhta / AA Latyshev / affiliate of OOO Gasprom VNIIGAS, Ukhta / {tab = keywords} workover, videoissledovaniya wells, electro-optical cable, vidiosistema "ARGO╩ {tab = Key words} well work-over, well video imaging survey, an electric optical cable, "ARGO" video system.


Problems of increasing oil production in fields of Russia
The issue of Improved Oil production at the Oilfields of Russia

Antoniadi DG, Koshelev AT Islamov RF, Pustovoy PA Antoniadi DG, Koshelev AT, Islamov RF, Pustovoy PA {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} The reasons for decline of global oil production. Presented promising areas for oil and gas industry in Russia. The problems arise when using separate methods of enhanced oil recovery. Raised the problem of reducing growth in oil reserves and the introduction to the development of reserves of heavy and extra heavy oil. {Tab = Abstract} The paper analyzes the reasons of world oil production decrease. It presents the perspective directions of oil production industry development in Russia. It considers the problems arising while applying several enhanced oil recovery procedures. It deals with the problems of decreasing the build-up in oil reserves and the introduction of heavy and high-viscous crude oils into development. {Tab = About the Authors} Antoniadi DG, Koshelev AT (GOU VPO "Kuban State Technological University"), Islam RF ("RN Krasnodarneftegaz") Pustovoy PA (OOO "RN-Servis╩) Antoniadi DG / Kuban State Technological University /, Koshelev AT / Kuban State Technological University / Islamov RF / OOO RN-Krasnodarneftegas / Pustovoy PA / OOO RN-Service / {tab = keywords} decline in oil production , hard-to-oil reserves, intensification of oil production, doizvlechenie residual oil, highly viscous oil {tab = Key words} oil production drop, hard-to-recover oil reserves, stimulation of oil production, additional recovery of residual oil, high-viscous oil.

Analysis of the application of security technologies in wells peskoproyavlenii "RN-Purneftegaz"
Analysis of Well Protection Procedure Application Against Sand Production at the Example of OOO RN-Purneftegas

Mikhailov, A., Volgin, VA, Yagudin, RA, Shakirov, EI Mikhailov AG {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} The experience of various sand control technology in complex geological conditions for example, deposits of "RN-Purneftegaz." The results of the use of technology cathodic protection of well equipment from corrosion. The necessity of taking into account the intensity of sand, geological features and the presence of combined events in the selection of effective technologies to protect wells. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the experience in applying various procedures to perform sand production in complicated geological conditions at the example of OOO RN-Purneftegaz oil fields. It possesses the test results of electrochemical procedure of well-bore equipment protection against corrosion. The authors state the necessity of sand production intensity control, accounting for geological features and the presence of combined well problems while performing the selection of well protection effective method. {Tab = About the Authors} Mikhailov A., Volgin, VA, Yagudin, RA, Shakirov, EI ("RN-Purneftegaz╩) Mikhailov AG / OOO RN-Purneftegas / Volgin VA, Yagudin RA, Shakirov EI / OOO RN-Purneftegas / {tab = keywords} sand technology protection of wells, peskoproyavlenie, fastening layer zones, inhibitor of scaling, filtering systems, proplant, preventing corrosion of well equipment, cathodic protection system, ESP {tab = Key words} sand production, well protection procedure, sand ingress, casing of BH zone, scale inhibitor, filtering systems, proppant, well equipment corrosion control, cathodic protection system, ESP.

Rationale for the selection and installation technology-gap gravel filters in wells with large excavations in the bottomhole formation zone
Basis to Chose and Installation Procedures of Gravel-Slotted Filters Inside the Wells with Large BH Depleted Zones

Ismailov, FS FS Ismailov {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} The results of the analysis wells FOR "Azneft", and identified the main factors determining the effectiveness of the gravel-gap filter for sand control offshore wells. Proposed equipment and installation technology gravel-gap filters based on proven research results, methods to determine the required volume of gravel and its fractional composition, as well as the choice of the carrier liquid. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the results related to the analysis of PO AZNEFT wells and discloses the major factors defining the application efficiency of gravel-slotted filters to control sand production from off-shore wells. The author proposes the equipment and procedures to install the gravel-slotted filters, based on the results of the research works, on procedures to determine the amount of gravel required and its fractional structure, as well as the carrier-liquid selection. {Tab = About the Authors} Ismailov FS (Research and Design Institute, "Oil & Gas╩, SOCAR) FS Ismailov / NIPI Neftegas, SOCAR / {tab = keywords} peskoproyavlenie, radius fracture, sea wells, gravel-slit filter, a face area of ​​the layer (PPP), grain size, carrier fluid. {Tab = Key words} sand production, destruction radius, off-shore wells, gravel-slotted filter, reservoir BH zone, granular analysis, carrying liquid, sand ingress.

Experience of using downhole tool production "NPP" RosTEKtehnologii "when working with coiled tubing units
Practical Application of OOO NPP RosTEKtechnology Well Tools During the Operation of Coiled Tubing Rigs

Stach, EN Shtakhov EN {slide = details} {tab = Abstract} We consider the successful experience of the borehole tool produced during repair works with the use of coiled tubing units {tab = Abstract} The author considers the successful practical experience in operating the produced equipment to perform the well work- over jobs c / w coiled tubing rigs. {Tab = About the Authors} Stach EN (OOO "NPP" RosTEKtehnologii ╩) Shtakhov EN / OOO NPP RosTEKtechnology / {tab = keywords} CT unit, downhole tools, washing, well development, subs, check valves, nozzles, fishing tools, {tab = Key words} coiled tubing rig, well-bore tools, well washing_out, well commissioning, subs, back pressure valves, nozzles, fishing tools.

Mounting sidetracks snap OKB "Zenith". The practice of applying and improving the design
Casing of Side-Tracks Applying ZAO Zenith Design Bureau Equipment. Practical Application and Design Updating

Zimenkov S., Malinovkin VI Zimenkov SV, Malinovkin VI


Рассматривается успешный опыт применения и совершенствования конструкции крепления вторых стволов оснасткой ЗАО ОКБ ╚Зенит╩. Инновационные разработки в бурении боковых стволов являются одним из наиболее перспективных направлений повышения нефтеотдачи пластов, восстановлением бездействующего фонда скважин, вовлечения в разработку остаточных запасов, доразведки месторождений и участков.


The authors present us with the successful practical application of and design updating to case the side-tracks using the equipment of ZAO Zenith Design Bureau. Innovative design in drilling the side-tracks is one of the most promising spheres of enhanced oil recovery, aimed at re-staring previously shut-down wells, involvement of residual reserves into production, further geo-exploration of oil fields and sites.

Об авторах

Зименков С.В, Малиновкин В.И. (ООО ╚Мегион-Сервис╩), Кузякин Р.И. (ООО ╚РИК-Сервис╩) Zimenkov SV, Malinovkin VI (OOO ╚Megion-Servis╩) Kuzyakin RI (ООО ╚RIK-Servis╩)

Ключевые слова

бурение боковых стволов, капитальный ремонт скважин, крепление боковых стволов, освоение скважин, обратный клапан, хвостовик, заколонное манжетное цементирование, пакер

Key words

Drilling of side_tracks, well work_over, casing of side tracks, well commis_ sioning, back_pressure valve, liner, annulus collar cementing, packer.

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