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The path of innovative development of energy sector

Integrated energy and environmentally friendly technology for producing products of high-viscosity fuel oil and

Comprehensive Energy and Environment Safe Procedure to Produce the Products from High Viscous Oil and Fuel Oil

Antoniadi DG Antoniadi DG {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Antoniadi DG Ph.D., member of the Academy of Natural Sciences / KubGTU / Antoniadi DG DSc, full member of RAEN (KubanSTU) {tab =} Keywords innovation, viscous oil, fuel oil, cogeneration, thermal methods, extraction, processing, complex technologies, energy efficiency and environmental safety. {Tab = Key words} innovations, viscous oil, fuel oil, cogeneration, thermal procedures, oil production, refining, comprehensive procedures, energy-saving, environment safety. {Tab = Abstract} We consider the possibility of implementing complex technologies for extraction and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials of high viscosity oils, as well as fuel oil, produced at the refinery of the Krasnodar Territory. Means the union of complex technologies such as: electricity and heat using cogeneration and its own gas resources, production of high-viscosity using a combination of thermal and physical-chemical methods, preparation and processing of oil, gas and fuel oil, production of intermediates or end products with maximum added value (instead of fuel processing technology), the use of waste from one technology to others as a useful component, gasification of heavy oil and oil processing to produce hydrogen and heat, as well as carbon capture and disposal of CO2. The implementation of complex technology will increase recoverable reserves, raise oil production, reduce energy consumption, improve fuel oil processing depth and the level of environmental safety. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper considers the possibility to apply comprehensive recovery procedure and refining procedure of hydrocarbons coming out from high-viscous oil fields and fuel oil that are applied at the Oil Refining Plants of Krasnodar region. The following procedures are considered to be unified into a single process flow-sheet: electric power and heat generation through the use of cogeneration and internal gas resources; high-viscous oil production with the use of joint thermal and physical / chemical procedures; oil gas and fuel oil treatment and refining; production of intermediate of final products with maximum value added costs (opposite to fuel treatment procedure); use of waste products from one process line in other procedures as a useful component; gasification of heavy oil and fuel oil during their treatment c / w the production of hydrogen and heat as well as the extraction and use of CO2. The application of this comprehensive procedure will result in increase of recoverable reserves, growth in oil production rate, reduction in power consumption, improvement of fuel oil refining level and the degree of environment safety.

Problems of application of innovative technologies in oil and gas industry

Challenges in Applying New Procedures in Oil and Gas Industry

Shevchenko AK Shevchenko AK {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Shevchenko, AK Ph.D. / Ex. Officer OOO "LUKOIL-VolgogradNIPImorneft" / Shevchenko AK PhD, (former employee of OOO "Lukoil-VolgogradNIPImorneft") {tab = keywords} new technology, oil recovery, patents, application, fee. {Tab = Key words} new procedures, oil recovery, patents, application, remuneration. {Tab = Abstract} analyzed the main factors influencing the pace of testing and implementing new technologies in the petroleum industry. One of the reasons for the decrease in oil recovery, in my opinion, is the lack of incentives for businesses that experience and introducing new technologies. There is no state support for inventors. Proposed to adopt the national document, which regulates the compulsory payment of compensation to their creators. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The author analyzes the main problems that affect upon the testing and application rates for new procedures in oil and gas production industry. One of these problems as related to the reduction in oil recovery rates, following the author, refers to the absence of bonuses in favor of the companies that perform the test and implement these new procedures. The federal support of inventors is now missing. It is proposed to adopt a federal document that will guide the mandatory payment of the awards in favour of the invention authors.

Development of oil and gas fields

Technological systems for the development of technologies to improve oil recovery

Process Facilities to Apply Enhanced Oil Recovery Procedures

Makoveev OP, VV Konkin Makoveev OP, Konkin VV {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Makoveev OP, VV Konkin / JSC "Korona_TEK", Samara / Makoveev OP, Konkin VV (OAO "Korona_TEK", Samara) {tab = keywords} oil recovery, fracturing, stimulation of production of oil, technology, technological complexes. {Tab = Key words} oil recovery, hydro-fracturing, oil production stimulation, procedure, process facilities. {Tab =} Abstract The paper describes the technological systems for the development of technologies to improve oil recovery. Development of technological systems for the introduction of any technology TNG customer - one of the main objectives of the company "Crown-TEC." Venture to design, development and manufacture of equipment and its maintenance and further upgrading. The equipment complies with all regulations and standards in force in the oil and gas industry. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper presents the description of process facilities to be used for enhanced oil recovery procedures. The development of these process facilities for the implementation of any EOR procedure at a Client is one of the basic objectives of OAO "Korona-TEK". The Company performs the equipment designing, its development and manufacturing as well as its service maintenance and further updating. The manufactured equipment corresponds in all its codes and standards to now-in-force documents of oil and gas industry.

New intelligent control station, which implements the method of fiber-optic control of the parameters of the well

New Smart Control Station Uses Fiber Optical Procedure to Monitor the Well Operation Parametes

Strunkina SI, violating AV Lozowy YS, Totanov A., Vasiliauskas, AA, Davydov DS Strunkin SI, Narushev AV, Lozovoi Ya.S., Totanov AS, Vasiliauskas AA, Davydov DS {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Strunkina SI, violating AV Lozowy YS, Totanov A., Vasiliauskas, AA, Davydov DS / JSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara / Strunkin SI, Narushev AV, Lozovoi Ya.S., Totanov AS, Vasiliauskas AA, Davydov DS (OAO "Samaraneftegas", Samara) {tab = keywords} intelligent control station, control system borehole, fiber optic, monitoring, management and optimization of downhole equipment, increase turnaround time. {Tab = Key words} smart control station, well control system, fiber optics, monitoring, performance con-trol and optimization of well bore equipment, increase in overhaul period. {Tab = Article} Abstract dedicated to such a topical and rapidly developing in recent years, the direction, as the creation of systems for monitoring of downhole equipment and the development of intelligent control stations ESP. The technology of embedding fiber optic cable into the power cable ESP are pilot testing of intelligent control stations, as well as experience in conducting field tests of submersible telemetry, which uses a sensor fiber optic cable. This system allows measurement of temperature profile along the wellbore for running downhole equipment. The use of a radically new intellectual control stations ESP-based optical fiber described in the article, the method of monitoring the parameters of the well, will ensure the achievement of maximum oil production capacity, to create a whole new type of protection of EPO and thereby increase the turnaround time. Also, the use of these technologies in the project will allow us to conduct geophysical investigations of wells and reservoirs and wells without stopping, respectively, without loss of oil. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper is dedicated to a trend has recently become very acute and actively developed arrangement of a control station to monitor the operation of submersible equipment and construction of ESP smart control stations. The authors provide a procedure to incorporate fiber optical cable into ESP power supply cable, provide data on pilot tests for smart control station, and share the experience in performing field tests of submersible telemetry system that uses fiber optical cable as a sensor. The given system enables to get the profile of temperature change by well-bore while the equipment is in operation. The application of a completely new ESP smart control station based upon the presented here fiber optical well operation parameter control procedures enable to reach maximum value in oil production potential, to arrange completely new type of ESP protection that finally increase the overhaul period. The application of the state procedures will enable to perform the well and reservoir geophysical studies in a speedy way without any well shut-downs and respectively with zero oil production losses.

A new development for the oil industry

New Development for Oil Production Industry

Tit DV Sinitsa DV {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Sinica DV This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / "Plant boilers" Alekseevka, Belgorod region / Sinitsa DV (OAO "Zavod Kotelnogo Oborudovaniya ", Alexeevka, Belgorod Region) {tab = keywords} steam boiler, steam generator once-through, oil recovery, high viscosity oil, petroleum, high-pressure steam. {Tab = Key words} Steam boiler, straight-flow steam generator, oil recovery, high-viscous oil, oil production, high pressure steam. {Tab = Abstract} A new design - a steam boiler power with high efficiency. The use of the boiler - Steam-powered impact on the formation of oil production. Reliable operation is ensured by the original technical decisions concerning the thermal circuit steam plant as a whole. The boiler has a long life, which reaches forty years. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The author presents a new design - high-efficiency power steam boiler. The application of this boiler provides the steam power effect upon the reservoir during oil production process. Reliable operation of this boiler is provided through the application of original technical design solutions related to thermal scheme of steam power unit in general. This boiler possesses the extended service life that comes to nearly 40 years of operation.

Downhole pumping formation water in OJSC "Samaraneftegaz"

OAO "Samaraneftegas": Down hole Formation Water Pumping Over

Amirov AA, Kozlov SA, Timasheff EO, Ardalin AA Amirov AA, Kozlov SA, Timashev, EO, Ardalin AA {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Amirov AA, Kozlov SA / JSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara / Timasheff EO, Ardalin AA / OOO "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara / Amirov AA, Kozlov SA (OAO "Samaraneftegas", Samara) Timashev, EO, Ardalin AA (OOO "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara) {tab = keywords} well, downhole pumping (VSP) , pressure maintenance (RPM), electric centrifugal pump (ESP) system for New Technologies (SNT). {Tab = Key words} A well, Down-hole pumping-over (DH PO), Formation pressure maintenance (FPM), Electric submersible pump (ESP), System of new technologies (SNT). {Tab =} Abstract The paper presents the results of implementing the technology transfer for the purposes of downhole pressure maintenance in OJSC "Samaraneftegaz". The basic GSP scheme and given them over standard RPM. This technology is recommended for use on small remote fields, as well as in fields where there is no BPA system is formed, and its construction requires substantial capital investment. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper presents the application results of down-hole formation water pumping-over procedure used for formation pressure maintenance purposes at OAO "SNG". It contains the consideration of DH PO patterns and provides their comparison with standard FPM system. The given procedure is recommended for application at a remote smallsized fields as well as at the fields where FPM system is not arranged and its construction require considerable financial expenses.

Innovation as the first step to high oil

Innovations as the First Step Towards High Efficient Oil Production

Khuzin RR, VV Balahontsev Khuzin RR, Balakhontsev VV {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Khuzin RR / OOO "Karbon_Oyl" Almetyevsk / Balahontsev V. / OOO "NPF" New Technologies ", Leninogorsk / Khuzin RR (OOO" Carbon-Oil ", Almetyevsk), Balakhontsev VV (OOO" NPF "New Technologies", Leninogorsk) {tab = keywords} oil recovery, reservoir, chem. , Innovation, oil and gas equipment, pumping unit, piping, chemicals. {Tab = Key words} oil recovery, reservoir, chemical reagent, innovations, oil and gas equipment, pumping unit, pipelines, reagents. {Tab =} Abstract The ways of artificial stimulation and dosing of chemicals that increase oil recovery and the pace of reserve, to reduce the number of repairs of equipment, reduce the cost of the output. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The authors propose the procedures of mechanical effects upon the reservoir and chemical dosage that will increase oil recovery and the rate of reservoir operation, will drop down the scope of equipment repair and reduce the cost of recovered well product.

Continuous rod column for deep well pumping systems,

Continuous Rod String for Deep Well Pumping Units

Shaydakov VV, Gabidullin Sh.R., Penzin AV Shaydakov EV, Antonenko, AA Shaidakov VV, Gabidullin Sh.R., Penzin AV, Shaidakov, EV, Antonenko AA {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Shaydakov VV / Ufa State Oil Technical University / Gabidullin Sh.R., Penzin A. V. / "NGDU Ufaneft", LLC "Bashneft-mining" / Shaydakov EV, Antonenko, AA / OOO "Engineering company" INKOMP-Oil "/ Shaidakov VV (Ufa State Petroleum Technical University), Gabidullin Sh.R., Penzin AV (NGDU" Ufaneft ", OOO" Bashneft-Dobycha "), Shaidakov, EV, Antonenko AA ( OOO "INCOMP-Neft" Engineering Company) {tab = keywords} sucker rod-pumping unit, failure, loss of rods, the reasons for rejection, the improvement of rod columns, a continuous rod column, ropes in the polymer shell, reinforced polymer pipe. {tab = Key words} rod deep well pumping unit, failure, rod rupture, reason of failure, perfection of rod string, continuous rod string, ropes in polymer lining, polymer reinforced pipeline. {tab = Abstract} We consider the problematic issues of exploitation of deep-rod pumping systems for example of the Ufa group of fields of LLC "Bashneft-mining." Continuous rod The variants of the column, made on the basis of the ropes and reinforced polymer shell. presents the comparative characteristics of the options boom of the column. {tab = ABSTRACT} The paper considers the challenging issues in operation of rod deep pumping units at the example of Ufa group of oil fields of OOO "Bashneft-Dobycha". The authors propose the options for continuous rod column made up at the basis of ropes and reinforced polymer lining. They also provide the comparison results for the parameters of rod string options.

Self-cleaning filter downhole Yumachikova (FSSYU) with high-life

Yumachikov's Well bore Self cleaning Filter witht Extended Service Life

Yumachikov RS, Muliavin SF, AKHMADULLIN RR, Ivanov AA Yumachikov RS, Muliavin SF, Akhmadullin RR, Ivanov AA {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Yumachikov RS, Muliavin SF / OOO "FAITH", Tyumen / AKHMADULLIN RR, Ivanov AA / NGDU "Nurlatneft" OJSC "Tatneft" to them. VD Shashin, Nurlat / Yumachikov RS, Muliavin SF (OOO "VERA", Tyumen), Akhmadullin RR, Ivanov AA (NGDU "Nurlatneft", OAO "Tatneft" named after VD Shashin, Nurlat) {tab = keywords} well screen , mechanical impurities, turnaround time, often repaired fund production well, liner, pump protection, removal of the proppant, downhole equipment, self-cleaning filter downhole. {Tab = Key words} well filter, solids, overhaul period, frequently repaired well stock, production well, liner, pump protection, proppant production, well-bore equipment, self-cleaning well filter. {Tab = Abstract} The results of application in oil wells, self-cleaning filter borehole (FSSYU) with high-life, self-cleaning filter element which is provided by the passage through them of the formation fluid flow. The design of a filter device incorporated to regulate and intensify traffic flow. The tests FSSYU the fields of varying complexity confirm effectiveness of downhole equipment and repeated reduction of solids in production wells. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper presents the results of self-cleaning production well filter application that possesses the extended service life due to self-cleaning filtering element cleaning feature that takes place when reservoir fluid passes through it. The design of this filter contains the devices that control and intensify the flow movement. The performed filter tests at the oil fields of various structures have verified the raise in efficiency of well-bore equipment operation and significantly reduce the content of solids in well product.

Collection and processing of oil and gas

On the feasibility of a joint or separate collection of polytypic production of oil wells

On Expedience of Joint or Individual Gathering of Heterogeneous Products Out coming From Oil Wells

Grishagin AV Andreev, VI Vakulenko, SN Grishagin AV, Andreev VI, Vakulenko SN {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Grishagin AV Andreev, VI / LLC "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara / SN Vakulenko / JSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara / Grishagin AV, Andreev VI / OOO "SamaraNIPIneft" /, Vakulenko SN / OAO "Samaraneftegas" / {tab = keywords} collection and dewatering well product, the compatibility of produced water, scaling the mixing of different types of water between themselves in the collection. {Tab = Key words} well product gathering and dehydration, compatibility of associated produced types of water, salt depositions during mixing of heterogeneous types of water in well product gathering system. {Tab = Abstract} In the example of construction of fields of "Samaraneftegaz" set out the content of the concept of assessing the value of organizing a joint or separate collection, transportation and dehydration products of different stratigraphic horizons by studying hydrochemical factors. {Tab = ABSTRACT} Basing upon the examples of OAO "Samaraneftegas" oil fields the authors present the description of a concept to evaluate the expedience of arranging a joint or individual gathering, transportation and dehydration of well products out-coming from heterogeneous stratigraphical reservoirs at the basis of knowledge on hydro-chemical factors.

Highly efficient separation equipment company "NPO" Vertex "

High efficient Separation Equipment of OOO "NPO VERTEX"

St. George, EV, DN Shkredov Yuriev EV, Shkredov DN {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} St. George EV, Shkredov DN / OOO "NPO" Vertex ", Krasnodar / Yuriev EV, Shkredov DN (OOO" NPO VERTEX ", Krasnodar) {tab = keywords} separator, automated process control system (APCS), separation equipment, manufacturing technology. {tab = Key words} separator, SCADA system, separation equipment, procedure of manufacturing. {tab = Abstract} Presented by high-performance separation equipment, which has successfully passed field tests and has all necessary permits and manufactured in specialized enterprises, have agreed to the regulatory authorities manufacturing technology. As a result of operational and acceptance tests on GRS Temryuk (block separation unit) and the GDS settlement. Dzhemete Top (upgraded separator and use internal separation elements GMT-7) separation equipment GMT-7 recommended for use in the Open Society " Gazprom ". {tab = ABSTRACT} The paper presents the high-efficient separation equipment that has successfully passed the process of field testing, has all required approvals and is manufactured by specialized companies that possess the manufacturing procedures coordinated with authorized bodies. Basing upon the operation and acceptance test at Temriuk packaged compressor station and at Verkhne-Jemete gas distribution station (after the separator was updated and internal separation elements GMT-7 installed) the GMT-7 separation equipment was recommended for its practical application at OAO "Gazprom".

Storage of oil and gas

Control the volume and shape of underground storage tanks UGS during their construction and operation of ultrasonic location

Control of Volume and Shape of Underground Gas Storages During the Process of Their Construction and Operation Using Ultra sonic Location Method

Zozulya, EN, Seleznev, DV, VG Bozhedomov, Sotnikov VN, Pyatnitsky DY Zozulya EN, Seleznev DV, Bozhedomov VG,. Sotnikov VN, Pyatniysky D.Yu.

Об авторах

Зозуля Е.Н., Селезнев Д.В., Божедомов В.Г., Сотников В.Н., Пятницкий Д.Ю. /ООО "Специальные геофизические системы"/ Zozulya EN, Seleznev DV, Bozhedomov VG,. Sotnikov VN, Pyatniysky D.Yu. (OOO "Specialized geophysical Systems")

Ключевые слова

газотранспортная система, подземное хранилище газа (ПХГ), процесс выщелачивания, резервуар ПХГ, метод механической кавернометрии, метод акустического сканирования, геофизика, импульсная звуколокация, подземное хранилище углеводородов.

Key words

gas transportation system, underground gas storages, desalination process, underground gas storage tank, mechanical caliper log method, acoustic scanning procedure, geophysics, pulse sounding, hydrocarbon underground storage.


В работе представлен звуколокационный регистрирующий комплекс ЛАС, изготавливаемый ООО "Специальные геофизические системы", который является законченным изделием, удовлетворяющим всем заявленным характеристикам, что неоднократно подтверждено при проведении работ по звуколокации подземных резервуаров и полостей выщелачивания в различных регионах России.


The paper presents the LAS sound locating and registration equipment set that is manufactured by ООО "Specialized Geophysical Systems", being a final product that satisfies all its target parameters. These been verifies through numerous jobs in sounding and locating underground storages and desalination cavities in various regions of Russia.

Транспортировка нефти и газа

Балластировка нефтегазопроводов текстильными балластирующими конструкциями типа ПКБУ и КТ - инновационный подход

Innovative Approach Ballasting of Oil and Gas Pipelines by Textile Ballasting Structures of PKBU and KT Types

Пузанов Д.Н. Насонов И.И. Андрианов А.Ю. Puzanov DN, Nasonov II, Andrianov A.Yu.

Об авторах

Пузанов Д.Н. Насонов И.И. Андрианов А.Ю. /ООО "ТАНЭДРА", г. Москва/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Puzanov DN, Nasonov II, Andrianov A.Yu. (OOO "TANEDRA", Moscow)

Ключевые слова

нефтегазопровод, балластировка, интеллектуальная собственность, нефтегазовый комплекс, балластирующие конструкции.

Key words

oil and gas pipeline, ballasting, intellectual property, oil and gas facilities, ballasting structures.


Представлен инновационный подход к балластировке нефтегазопроводов текстильными балластирующими конструкциями типа ПКБУ И КТ. На разработанные специалистами ООО "ТАНЭДРА" технические решения получены патенты в Федеральной службе по интеллектуальной собственности.


The authors present innovative approach towards ballasting of oil and gas pipelines by textile ballasting structures of PKBY and KT types. The authors have been awarded RF Patents, issued by the Federal Agency on Intellectual Property for the technical decisions taken by OOO "TANEDRA" experts.

Повышение эффективности внутритрубной диагностики магистральных трубопроводов на основе инновационных разработок

Efficiency Growth in Internal Pipeline Diagnostics of Trunk Lines atthe Basis of Innovative Design Works

Седых А.Д. Sedykh AD

Об авторах

Седых А.Д. /ОАО "АВТОГАЗ"/ Sedykh AD (OOO "AVTOGAS")

Ключевые слова

внутритрубный дефектоскоп, магистральный трубопровод, инновационная разработка, газопровод, скважина.

Key words

internal pipe failure detector, trunk pipeline, innovative design, gas pipeline, a well.


В статье представлена инновационная разработка ОАО "АВТОГАЗ" -внутритрубный дефектоскоп КОД-4М-1420у, даны его технические характеристики, проведено сравнение с аналогами. Показано, что преимуществом разработки является более высокая эффективность внутритрубной диагностики магистральных трубопроводов.


The paper contains the innovative design of ОАО "АVTOGAZ" - КОД-4М-1420у internal pipeline failure detector, provides its process specifications, providing the comparison with analogs. The paper also illustrates that the advantages of this design gives more efficient internal pipe diagnostics of trunk pipelines.

Дорогу - новым технологиям

To Give a Way to New Procedures

Стрункин С.И., Щербинин А.И., Зубарев И.С., Халиков Р.Р. SI Strunkin, AI Scherbinin, IS Zubarev, RR Khalikov

Об авторах

Стрункин С.И., Щербинин А.И., Зубарев И.С. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Халиков Р.Р. /ОАО "Самаранефтегаз", г. Самара/ SI Strunkin, AI Scherbinin, IS Zubarev, RR Khalikov /OJSC "Samaraneftegaz", Samara/

Ключевые слова

трубопроводный транспорт нефти, парафиноотложения, транспортировка высоковязкой нефти, улучшение реологических свойств нефти, вихревая теплогенерирующая установка ВТГ-НХ-160, ПСП, СИКН, вязкость нефти.

Key words

pipeline transportation of oil, paraffin deposits, transportation of high-viscous oil, improvement of oil rheological properties, ВТГ-НХ-160 vortex heat generating unit, PSP station, LACT unit, oil viscosity.


В статье приведены результаты опытно-промышленных испытаний вихревой теплогенерирующей установки (ВТГ-НХ-160) специалистами ОАО "Самаранефтегаз", проведенных с целью решения проблемы по борьбе с парафиноотложениями на стенках трубопровода и в оборудовании системы измерений количества и показателей качества нефти ПСП "Покровка".


The paper presents the pilot test results of ВТГ-НХ-160 vortex heat generating unit obtained by the experts of ОАО "Samaraneftegas", used to resolve the issue of paraffin deposition at pipeline walls and inside the equipment of LACT unit at the example of Pokrovka PSP Station.

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