№ 7 (07) 2000.

"Interval. Advanced Oil and Gas Technology "

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Increased efficiency paroteplovogo impact on heavy oil deposits of compositions that generate CO2 in the reservoir and an alkaline buffer system

Jugs VA Altunina LK {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Jugs VA Altunina LK / Institute of Petroleum Chemistry / {/tabs}{/slide}

Rationale for the optimal parameters of EMG technology based on an analysis of the results of its application in the fields Shaim district and of mathematical modeling

Sadykov, MR, Pechorin MF Guzeev VV, Pozdnyakov AA {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Sadykov MR / OOO "LUKOIL - Western Siberia" / Pecherin MF / CCI "Urayneftegaz" / Guzeev VV, Pozdnyakov AA / JSC "SibNIINP" / {/tabs}{/slide}

The results of the implementation of integrated technologies targeted effects on unsteady Ermakovsky field of "Tyumenneftegaz"

Jafarov IS, Bokserman AA, Leibin EL, Potapov AM, Smirnov, Y., Bodryagin AV, Mitrofanov AD, Kupriyanov, JD {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Jafarov IS / "TNK" / Bokserman AA, EL Leibin / JSC "CGE" / Potapov, A., / JSC "Tyumenneftegaz" / Smirnov, JL / Yermakovskoye NGDP / Bodryagin AV, Mitrofanov AD, Kupriyanov, JD / OAO "NK Chernogornefteotdacha" / {/tabs}{/slide}

Hydrogeological methods for controlling the development of high-viscosity oil pool

Sianisyan ES, Levchenko, VT {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Sianisyan ES, Levchenko, VT / Research Institute of hydrocarbon / {/tabs}{/slide}

Preventing gas shows in the construction of deep wells gas and oil (for example, deposits of the southern Orenburg region)

Davydov, V., Zubkov, SV, V. Poor people, Gaidukov AV {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} VK Davydov, Ph.D., Zubkov, SV, V. Poor people, Gaidukov AV / JSC "Orenburgneft / {/tabs}{/slide}

Areas of improvements in technology killing of oil wells

Zeygman Y. {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Zeygman Y. / Ufa State Oil Technical University / {/tabs}{/slide}

Obtaining fluids in oilfield special conditions

Rogachev, MK {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Rogachev MK / Ufa State Oil Technical University / {/tabs}{/slide}

The centrifugal force of the Earth and phenomena that it caused

Ashirov KB {Slide = details} {tab = About the Authors} Ashirov KB / Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences / {/tabs}{/slide}

Новое - хорошо забытое старое

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