№ 3 (03) 2012.

Main theme of the issue:

"Innovative Design"

The organization of innovative design

Volkov, Y. Volkov Yu.A.

The essence of the innovative design - in the organization of leading research

Basics of Innovative Design: Development of Advanced Scientific and Research Works {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors}

Volkov, Y. / Center for improving the development of oil fields at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan

Volker Yu.A. (Center of Modern Oil Field Development Procedures at Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tatarstan) {tab =} Keywords innovative design, research and pilot projects (NIOPR), development of oil fields, oil field development, geological and hydrodynamic model (GDM) GDM iterative technique of building, multi-model approach. {Tab = Key words} innovative design, scientific research and pilot industrial works (NIOPR), oil field construction, oil field development, geological hydro-dynamic simulation model, iteration procedure to make hydro-dynamic simulation model, multi-model approach. {Tab = Abstract} The importance of leading (pre) NIOPR. For example, preliminary studies carried out under the direction of AD Muslimov in 1998-2008. Showed that the modified methods of constructing a geological model and the revaluation Romashkinskoye field, as well as further follow-up exploration in conjunction with the activities aimed at increasing the recovery factor, will extend the period of its development up to 250 years and increase the recoverable reserves of at least to 770 million tons. {Tab = Abstract} The paper describes the importance of advanced (pre-design) scientific research and pilot industrial works (NIOPR). So, for example, the preliminary studies performed under the leadership of R.Kh. Muslimov in 1998-2008, have demonstrated that the changes in methods while making the geological simulation model of Romashkinskoye field, as well as further exploration combined with measures to increase oil recovery factor, will enable to extend the period of its development for up to 250 years and to increase its recoverable reserves by not less that 770 million tons. {/tabs}{/slide}

Specialized databases

MA Bulgakov, Sergey Terentyev, Sergey Romanov
Bulgakov MA, Terentiev SV, Romanov GV

Automated processing of geological information in the calculation of reserves by the example of large deposits of oil and gas field Kuleshovskogo

Automation in Geological Data Processing While Calculating the Reserves of Large Fields at the Example of Kuleshovskoye Oil and Gas Field {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Bulgakov, MA, PhD. the i-th. Sciences, S. Terentyev, Sergey Romanov
/ LTD "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara, Russia /
Bulgakov MA, PhD, Terentiev SV, Romanov SA
(OOO "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara, Russia)
{Tab = Keywords} Geological analysis of hydrocarbon deposits, reserve calculation, processing RIGIS, automated calculations, drawing maps and profiles, the scheme of study INC, loading data into Petrel, Irap, RMS. {Tab = Key words} geological analysis of hydrocarbon pools, evaluation of reserves, RIGIS data processing, automation of calculations, making up of maps and profiles, OWC substantiation pattern, data loading into Petrel, Irap, RMS {tab = Abstract} The possibility of software module to automate the process GeoProcessing reserve calculation of large fields, the efficiency of application modules developed as part of the work "Conversion of oil-free and dissolved gas, feasibility study of CIN Kuleshovskogo oil and gas field of the Samara Region." {Tab = Abstract} The authors consider the capabilities of GeoProcessing Software Package to automate the process of large field reserve calculation, show the effectiveness in implementing the developed packages within the project named as "Re-evaluation of Oil, Free and Dissolved Gas Reserves. Feasibility of Oil Recovery Factor at Kuleshovskoye Oil and Gas Field of Samarskaya Region ". {/tabs}{/slide}

The study of deposits

Gutman, I., S. Rudnev, M. Sahakian, Danilenko AN, Ursegov SO, SA Prokusheva

Characteristics of the Permo-watering deposits of heavy oil carboxylic Usinsk deposit in connection with the peculiarities of geological structure on the basis of the detailed correlation of well sections

Parameters of Water Contents in High-Viscous Oil of Permian Carbonate Reservoirs at Ussinskoye Field with the Features of its Geological Structure at the Basis of Well Cross-section Detailed Correlation {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Gutman, I., Rudnev SA / State Oil and Gas. IM Gubkin /
Sahakian, MI / FBU "SRC" /
AN Danilenko, Ursegov SO, SA Prokusheva / OOO "LUKOIL-Engineering" branch "PechorNIPIneft" /
Gutman IS, Rudnev SA (IM Gubkin Oil and Gas Russian State University)
Saakian MI (FBU "GKZ)
Danilenko AN, Ursegov SO, Prokusheva SA (OOO "LUKOIL-Engineering", branch of "PechoraNIPIneft")
{Tab =} Usinskoe Keywords field, correlation of complicated reservoir, hydrocarbons, fracture. {Tab = Key words} Ussinskoye field, correlation, complicated stratified pools, hydrocarbons, fracturing {tab =} Abstract The paper shows the results of a detailed study of the Permo-carboxylic heavy oil deposits on the basis of automated correlation of well sections. Revealed the following features of the geological structure: the presence in the context of biohermal bodies, as well as the presence of the active zone of vertical fractures. A comparison of the results of data processing of the hydrodynamic studies. The relationship of uneven obvodneneniya with zones of active vertical fractures. {Tab = Abstract} The papers presents the results of High-Viscous Oil of Permian Carbonate Reservoirs at the basis of automated well cross-section correlation. The authors have discovered the following geological structure features: presence of bio-germ bodies as well as the presence of zones with active vertical fracturing. They present the comparison of the obtained results and the data treatment from hydro-dynamic studies. They show the connection of non-uniform water-flooding with zones with active vertical fracturing {/tabs}{/slide} Kalmykov, GA, Belohin VS Kashin NL
Kalmykov GA, Belokhin VS, Kashina NL

Methods of determining the coefficient of flow of water content on a range of GIS-based pulsed neutron-spectrometric gamma logging

Procedure to Determine the Inflow Water Content Factor Through Well Survey Based Upon Impulse Spectrum Metering Neutron Gamma Log {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kalmykov, G., Ph.D., Associate Professor / MSU. MV Lomonosov Moscow / Belohin VS, Ph.D. / LTD "SPLIT", Moscow / Kashin, NL / LTD "SPLIT", Moscow / Kalmykov GA, PhD, ass.prof. (MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow) Belokhin VS, PhD, (OOO "SPLIT", Moscow) Kashina NL (OOO "SPLIT", Moscow) {tab = Keywords} neutron-gamma - ray, flow rate of water cut, pulse spectrometer neutron-gamma ray, a method of geophysical well logging, mineral-component composition of rocks, mineral-component model of the formation. {Tab = Key words} neutron gamma log, inflow water content factor, impulse spectrum metering neutron gamma log, procedure of well geophysical survey, rock mineral composition, reservoir mineral composition model. {Tab = Abstract} We present a modern method of determining the flow rate of water cut on a set of GIS-based pulsed neutron-spectrometric gamma logging, confirmed test results recovery. {Tab = Abstract} The authors present the modern procedure in defining the inflow water content factor using the set of well survey studies at the basis of impulse spectrum metering neutron gamma log that was verified by the results of reservoir tests. {/tabs}{/slide} Chernov, I.Yu., Nugmanov II, DK Nurgaliyev,
Lunev, OV, AN Dautov
Chernova I.Yu., Nugmanov II, Nurgaliev DK, Luneva OV, Dautov AN

Geographic information technology to detect and study of modern geodynamic processes within the platform areas

Geoinformative Procedures in Discovering and Survey of Modern Geo-Dynamic Processes Within the Platform Regions
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Chernov, I.Yu., Ph.D., Assoc., Nugmanov II, Nurgaliyev DK, DG, PhD .,
Lunev, OV, AN Dautov / Kazan (Volga) Federal University,
Kazan /
Chernova I.Yu., PhD, ass.prof., Nugmanov II, Nurgaliev DK, DSc, Luneva OV, Dautov AN (Kazan (the Volga) Federal University, Kazan) {tab = Keywords} geodynamics, neotectonics, RS data, Geographic Information System. {Tab = Key words} geo-dynamics, neo-tectonics, DZ data, geo-informative system {tab =} Abstract The authors consider how the tools of GIS tools and methods for developing and updating the scientific methods of investigation of geodynamic processes. Results of the study confirm the existence of a direct connection between the modern manifestations of Geodynamics and neotectonic movements. The article describes the information content of the morphometric method for the prediction and location of zones of high geodynamic activity. A new method of estimating the complex deformation of the upper crust, based on archival data processing aerial photography, radar interferometry data and digital elevation models. {Tab = Abstract} The authors consider the Well Survey tools as the means and methods to develop and update the processes to study hydro-dynamic scientific procedures. The study results verify the existence of direct links between features of modern geo-dynamics and neo-tectonic movements. The paper illustrates the informative feature of morpho-metric method to predict and localize the zones with high geo-dynamic activity. They propose the new comprehensive procedure to evaluate the deformations in the upper crest portion of the Earth as based upon the treatment of air-photo archival data, data of radio location interference metering and relief digital models. {/tabs}{/slide}

Simulation of mining

Emelyanov, GL , Spivak, IL, Shatokhin SA
Emelianova GL, Spivak IL, Shatokhin AO

Three-dimensional GIS come to Russia. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler as a tool for creating 3D-GIS

3D Well Survey is Coming to Russia. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler as a Tool to Create 3D Well Survey
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Yemelyanova GL / ZAO "NEOLANT", Moscow /
Spivak, IL / LTD "Riel Geo Project" (Office "NEOLANT" in Dubna), Moscow /
Shatokhin SA / ZAO "NEOLANT", Moscow /
Emelianova GL (ZAO "NEOLANT", Moscow)
Spivak IL (OOO "Real Geo Project" (office of "NEOLANT" in Dubna), Moscow
Shatokhin AO (ZAO "NEOLANT", Moscow)
{Tab =} Key words GIS, geographic information systems, 3D-GIS, three-dimensional geographic information systems, three-dimensional modeling of the territories, Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler, 3D-city model. {Tab = Key words} well survey, geo-informative systems, 3D Well Survey, 3D geo-informative systems, 3D area modeling, Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler, 3D model of the city {tab = Abstract} The causes of the current trend regarding the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional geographic information systems. Detailed description of capabilities and applications software for conceptual 3D-modeling of large areas - Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler. The system effectively solves various tasks in the field of civil engineering, architecture, transport infrastructure, urban planning. Implemented by the company presented "NEOLANT" using the technology of three-dimensional GIS projects for the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow and the Moscow Region Administration Science Town Dubna. {Tab = Abstract} The authors consider the reasons with the modern tendency related to transition from 2D geo-informative systems to 3D systems. They present the detailed software description of capabilities and practical application for conceptual 3D modeling of large territories - Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler. The system effectively solves various tasks in the area of ​​civil construction, architecture, development of transport infrastructure, city planning. The authors present the as-build by "NEOLANT" projects while applying the well survey 3D procedure for the Customer in the name of Moscow city cultural heritage department and administration of Dubna, city of science, near Moscow. {/tabs}{/slide}

Development of oil and gas fields

Kanevskaya RD,
SY bugs
Kanevskaya RD,
Zhuchkov S.Yu.

A mathematical model of a horizontal well acidizing

Mathematical Simulation of Acid Job in a Horizontal Well {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kanevskaya RD, Ph.D., Professor. / Open Company "STC - RussNeft", Moscow / Zhuchkov SJ / Open Company "RussNeft STC", Moscow / Kanevskaya RD, DSc, professor, (OOO "NTC-RussNeft", Moscow) Zhuchkov S.Yu. (OOO "NTC-RussNeft", Moscow {tab = Keywords} horizontal well acidizing, modeling. {Tab = Key words} horizontal well, acid job, simulation {tab =} Abstract A mathematical model describing the filtration of acid composition near horizontal wells. taken into account effects due to take place in the formation of chemical reactions. Results of the calculations. model provides a qualitative plan operations for acid exposure in the horizontal and shallow wells, to assess the state of the borehole zone after processing. {tab = Abstract} The authors propose the mathematical model that describes the filtration of an acid composition near horizontal well-bore. They also take into account the effects that are related to the actual chemical reactions in the reservoir. They present the calculation results as well. The model permits to perform the high- quality planning of acid treatment in horizontal and inclined wells, to evaluate the conditions of near well-bore zone after this treatment. {/tabs}{/slide} ON Pichugin, Salt PN , Fatihova Yu.Z.
Pichugin ON, Solianoy PN, Fatikhova Yu.Z.

From "The work on the bugs" - to predict the effectiveness of

From "Mistakes Corrected" to Effective Treatment Prediction
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} ON Pichugin, Ph.D. / ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow /
Salt PN / ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow /
Fatihova Yu.Z. / ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow /
Pichugin ON, PhD, (ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow)
Solianoy PN (ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow)
Fatikhova Yu.Z. (ZAO "CONCORD", Moscow)
{Tab = Keywords} geological and technical measures, methods, machine learning, intelligent forecasting methods, decision trees, decision forest, the hierarchy of rules, sealing wells, sidetracks, hydraulic fracturing, proppant mass, the rate of injection. {Tab = Key words} well work-over jobs, procedures of computer training, intellectual prediction procedures, decision making tree, numerous solutions, hierarchy of rules, infill wells, side tracks, reservoir hydro-fracturing, mass of proppant, injection rate. {Tab = Abstract} In this paper we propose a methodical approach to solving the problem of forecasting the GTO, using trees of decision rules. Examples of decision trees, trained on actual data for hydraulic fracturing and the results of infill drilling. It is shown that with the help of decision trees can not only effectively predict, but also to perform "work on the bugs', restoring the rules and criteria to ensure the success of the GTO. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the methodical approach towards the solution of well work-over prediction planning through the use of rules in decision making tree. The authors give the examples of these trees, trained using the actual data on reservoir hydro-fracturing and results of infill drilling. They show that using these decision making trees it is possible to not only to perform effective prediction, but also to perform the correction of mistakes through the restoration of rules and criteria that make this work-over a success. {/tabs}{/slide} Grishagin AV Andreev, VI
Grishagin AV, Andreev VI

Measuring Stability and compatibility of formation waters of oil fields of the Volga-Ural region of carbonate and calcium sulfate

Formation Water Stability and Compatibility Evaluation for the Oil Fields of the Volga-Urals Region by Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Grishagin AV Andreev, VI / LTD "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara, Russia /
Grishagin AV, Andreev VI (OOO "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara, Russia)
{Tab = Keywords} program KARSULM, carbonates, sulfates, stability and compatibility of produced water. {Tab = Key words} KARSUM software, Carbonates, Sulfates, formation water stability and compatibility {tab = Abstract} A brief description of the exploited in the Company "SamaraNIPIneft" computer program designed to determine the absolute rate of calcium carbonate and sulfate, as well as the kinetics of loss of in violation of the corresponding salts (carbonate and sulfate), the water balance of individual or mixtures of water. {Tab = Abstract} The authors present the brief description of a computer software that is operated by OOO "SamaraNIPIneft" and used to determine the absolute deposition of Carbonates and Calcium Sulfates, as well as the deposition kinetics for the am salts in case with no respective equilibrium available (in Carbonates and Sulfates) in a specific water or in a mixture thereof. {/tabs}{/slide}

Using the APG

Ozerin AA, NA Domoslavsky
Ozerin AA, Domoslavsky NA

Design decisions on the application of gas turbine units (GTU), providing the use of associated gas

Design Solutions in Applying Gas Turbine Units (GTU) That Utilize the Associated petroleum Gas
{Slide = More Details} {tab = About the Authors} Ozerin AA, NA Domoslavsky / LTD "Engineering Bureau" ANCOR "Kazan /
Ozerin AA, Domoslavsky NA (OOO "ANKOR" Engineering Bureau, Kazan)
{Tab = Keywords} use of associated petroleum gas turbine units (GTU), a block-complete power plant (BKES) microturbine power generation systems, gas turbine generating sets. {Tab = Key words} Use of associated petroleum gas, gas turbine units, packaged modular power stations (PMPS), micro-turbine electric power generating systems, gas turbine electric generators {tab = Abstract} presents the best practices relating to the design of facilities to use Associated petroleum gas (APG). We describe the design decisions associated with the use of gas turbine units (GTU), providing the use of associated gas as a source of heat and electricity. {Tab = Abstract} The paper presents the advanced experience related to the designing of associated petroleum gas (APD) treatment facilities. The authors present the design solutions related to the application of gas turbine units that use the associated petroleum gas as a source to get thermal and electric power. {/tabs}{/slide}

Collection and preparation of oil and gas

Kologreeva T., Avraham I.
Kologreeva TI, Avrakh II

Quantitative evaluation of release of oil, gas and water in case of accidents in the commercial collection system

Quantitative Estimation of Oil, Gas and Water Blow-outs in Emergency Cases with Oil Field Gathering System
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kologreeva T., Avraham I. / LTD "SamaraNIPIneft" Samara /
Kologreeva TI, Avrakh II (OOO "SamaraNIPIneft", Samara)
{Tab = Keywords} impulse piping, a fistula, the area of ​​the Strait, the volume of fluid vylivsheysya. {Tab = Key words} pipeline rupture, wormholes, area of ​​spillage, volume of spilled fluid {tab = Abstract} A brief description operated by LLC "SamaraNIPIneft" computer program designed to assess the consequences of accidents on commercial oil field pipelines. Program allows determine the Strait transported through the pipeline of products in the pipeline and a burst of fistula, the amount of oil and gas into the environment, to calculate the area of ​​the Strait of oil and evaporated oil. results of the calculations are the initial data for risk assessment of the production facility {tab = Abstract} The authors present the brief characteristics of computer software used in OOO "SamaraNIPIneft" to evaluate the consequences of emergency case with the oil field pipelines. The software enables to determine the volume of the spilled pipeline transported product in case with pipeline ruptures and pipe wormholes, the amount of oil and gas coming to the environment and the volume of the evaporated oil. The calculation results are the source data in performing the risk level evaluation for the production facility {/tabs}{/slide}

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