№ 4 (03) 2012.

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"Advanced developments in drilling"

Combining professionals in the field of drilling
Why drillers association? Interview with the Director General of the Association of Drilling Contractors (ABP), AS Oganov

Forum for professionals in the field of drilling

Platform for business communication professionals in the field of drilling

Drilling technology

Kutlashov AK
Kutlashov AK

Experimental-industrial tests Motary Steerable System (pulse-controlled drilling) in the "Orenburgneft" (TNK-BP)
Pilot Tests of Motary Steerable System (pulse navigation system) at OAO "Orenburgneft" (TNK-BP) {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Kutlashov AK / Department of drilling "Orenburgneft╩. / Kutlashov AK (Drilling Department of OAO "Orenburgneft") {tab = Keywords} drilling, pulse-controlled drilling, boring tool rotation, slide, rotor telemetry system, MSS, a departure from the vertical line, AGS. {Tab = Key words} drilling, pulse steerable drilling, rotation of drilling tools, slide, rotor, telemetry system, MSS, vertical step-out, AGS {tab = Abstract} The data of pilot testing, which is unequaled in the industry's system impulse controlled drilling (MSS) in the wells "Orenburgneft." The results showed a significant reduction in the use of time while working in a slide that allows the use of this technology for drilling wells with large waste. There were also good results to improve the stability of bits, in conjunction with the calibrator with adjustable blades allow AGS to drill a set of intervals, stabilization, and the zenith angle of incidence for a flight. Given that this technology is cheaper to use in the company of rotary-controlled systems, the prospect of its implementation is very high. {Tab = Abstract} The author presents the pilot test results of a unique in the industry pulse controlled drilling system (MSS) at the wells of JSC ╚Orenburgneft╩. The application results demonstrated significant time reduction while working with slide. This enables to use the procedure while drilling the wells with large step-out. He also have noted the good results in increasing the resistance of the bits, that in combination with calibrator containing AGS adjustable blades provides the possibility to perform the drilling of bore-hole inclined, tangent and final sections in one trip. Bearing in mind that this procedure is cheaper than the now used in the Company rotor steerable system, the perspectives to use it are rather good.

Drilling equipment, drilling materials

A. Spirkin
LV Morozov, Ph.D.
AN Surkov, Ph.D.
/ JSC "Universal Drilling"
Samara /

The introduction of new approaches in the design and manufacture of drilling bits PDC - one of the factors increasing the efficiency of the enterprise Emelyanov YF / LLC "TMK - Premium Service" / Emelyanov Yu. F. (OOO "TMK-Premium Service") The development and use of threaded casing and tubing "premium" domestic manufacturer in the construction and operation of oil and gas wells On Design and Application of Threaded Joints for Russian-made Premium Grade Casing and Tubing to be Used for Oil and Gas Field Construction and Operation {slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Emelyanov YF / LTD "TMK - Premium Service" / {tab = Keywords} construction of oil and gas wells, operation of oil and gas wells, obsadnye pipes, pump - compressor pipes, new fittings (LDCs). {Tab = Key words} construction of oil and gas wells, operation of oil and gas wells, casing, tubing, new threaded joints (NTJ) {tab =} Abstract The article presents information on the work of "TMC" on the creation and implementation of new threaded connections (LDCs), casing and tubing having a sealing properties capable of withstanding strong compression, high blood pressure (the environment) and flexural strength. Presented by the design process of threaded connections, fabrication of prototypes. Describes field tests of experimental-industrial batch of LDCs. {Tab = Abstract} The paper contains the information on the works performed by OAO "TMK" in designing and applying new threaded joints (NTJ) for casing and tubing that provides the proper tightness, that are capable to withstand high compression, high pressure ( of the media) and bending. The author presents the threaded joints design process, the process of pilot samples manufacturing. He also gives the description of field tests performed with this pilot new threaded joints'.
Moyse NY, Vyrodov VS, N. Moise, Yaroslavl, NL, SP Varlamov, Grinev VF
Moisa N.Yu., Vyrodov VS, Moisa Yu.N., Yaroslavskaya NL, Varlamov SP, Gridnev VF

Aspects of drilling fluids on the areas of company CF "RN-DRILLING"
Aspects in Applying Drill Mud at the Well-sites of CF "RN-Bureniye"
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} N. Moise, Ph.D., Vyrodov VS, N. Moise, Ph.D., / of "NGOs" Himburneft " , Krasnodar / Yaroslavl, NL, SP Varlamov, Grinev VF / SF LLC "RN-Drilling", Krasnodar / Moisa N.Yu., PhD, Vyrodov VS, Moisa Yu. N., PhD (OOO "NPO" Chimburneft ", Krasnodar), Yaroslavskaya NL, Varlamov SP, Gridnev VF (OOO" CF RN-Bureniye ", Krasnodar) {tab = Keywords} drilling, drilling fluid, an organic inhibitor, the solid phase , colloidal phase, reservoir properties, technological parameters, physical-chemical properties. {tab = Key words} drilling, drill mud, organic inhibitor, solid phase, colloidal phase, reservoir properties, proves parameters, physical and chemical properties {tab = Abstract} We present field data on the mud, and aspects of their use in construction of oil wells in the Krasnodar region. Changing the fractional composition of the colloidal clay phase and technological indicators lignosulfonatnyh drilling fluids occurs when the organic inhibition, which reduces the dispersion of clay minerals Maikop and improve the quality of the primary opening of productive layers. {tab = Abstract} The authors present the field data on drill mud and aspects of their application while constructing oil wells at the fields of Krasnodar Region. The changes in colloidal compositions of clay phase and process parameters of lingo-sulfonate drill muds take place during organic inhibition process that enables to decrease the dispersion of claye minerals in Maykop sediments and to increase the quality of reservoir initial penetration.
Sergeyev, AV
Batyrshina O.
Karpov NA

Chemical and thermal processing and analysis of metallographic studies of parts of drill bits
Chemical and Thermal Treatment and Metallographic Survey Analysis of Drill Bit Articles
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} A. Sergeev This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Batyrshina O. Karpov NA / Research Institute for the development and operation of oilfield pipes of "VNIIT oil", Samara / Sergeeva AV, Batyrshina OV, Karpov NA (R & D Institute on Designing and Operation of Oil Field Pipes "VNIITneft", Samara) {tab = Keywords} oil drilling, drill bits, drill bits cementing parts, cemented layer analysis of the quality of parts of drill bits, control the quality of cementation. {Tab = Key words} drilling of oil wells, drill bits, strengthening (cementing) of drill bit pieces, quality analysis of a strengthening (cementing) layer to the drill bit pieces, cementing (strengthening) quality control. {Tab = Abstract} The analysis of the quality of cemented layer parts of drill bits (milled cone sleeve, foot) after using various kinds of cementation (solid carburizer in gas and vacuum carburizing), under which the conclusion about the importance of quality control of grouting, without which the details can not be supplied for production. {Tab = Abstract} The authors present the quality analysis of a strengthening (cementing) layer to the drill bit pieces (milled cones, subs, legs) after applying various types of cementing (strengthening) (in solid carburizing compound, in gaseous media and with vacuum cementation), at the basis of which they make a conclusion on importance of cementing quality control without which the details should not be supplied for operation.
Khuzin FT
Khuzin FT

High pressure hoses for drilling, sleeves for pumping oil wells and repair
High Pressure Drilling Hoses, Hoses for Oil Pumping and Drilling Rig Maintenance

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Khuzin FT, Distinguished Innovator and inventor of the Republic of Tatarstan / JSC "Kvart", Kazan / Khuzin FT, Honored Innovator and Inventor of the Republic of Tatarstan (ZAO "KVART" , Kazan {tab = Keywords} drilling hoses, oil and gas, the internal diameter, connecting thread, pressure, resource developments, connecting dimensions and stability of quality. {tab = Key words} drill hoses, oil and gas production, inside diameter , connection thread, working pressure, non-failure operating time, connection size, stability of quality {tab = Abstract} JSC "Kvart" produces improved hose DN 38, 50, 65, 76, 100, 150, 180, intended for feeding and pumping pressurized water, drilling muds and cement, oil, oily emulsions at process temperatures up to 80 ╟ C. The sleeves have terminal fittings for different types of compounds that are efficient in temperate, cold and tropical climates. resource developments of advanced arms to 1200 hours . {tab = Abstract} ZAO "KVART" manufactures the modifies hoses of 38, 50, 65, 76, 100, 150, 180 mm nominal diameters, to be used for the supply and pumping of pressurized water, drilling mud, cement mortar and clay solutions, oil, oil emulsions with operating temperatures of up to 80 ╟ C. These hoses have fittings for various types of connections can be operated in the conditions of moderate, extreme cold and tropical climate. The non-failure operating time for these modified hoses comes to 1,200 motor-hours.

Construction of Horizontal Wells

Antoniadi DG, Zakharchenko EI Orlov IO, Datsenko, EN
Antoniadi DG, Zakharchenko EI, Orlova IO, Datsenko EN

The distribution of pressure and flow along the length of a horizontal well
Pressure and Flow-rate Distribution Along the Horizontal Borehore
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Antoniadi DG, Zakharchenko EI Orlov IO, Datsenko, EN / Kuban State Technological University / Antoniadi DG, Zakharchenko EI, Orlova IO, Datsenko EN (Kuban State Technological University) {tab = Keywords} horizontal wells, pressure, flow, boundary conditions, balance, strength, hydraulics, resistance, the exponential function. {Tab = Key words} horizontal well, pressure, flow-rate, boundary conditions, balance, viscosity, hydraulics, resistance, indicative function {tab = Abstract} The questions address the task of changing the pressure drop and flow rate in a circular formation of radius h. This allows the formulation of the problem in a rough approximation to estimate the change in pressure and flow along the length of the HS. This approach allows you to find the decision rules in the design of the HS with the economic factors (cost of drilling, cementing, etc.). {Tab = Abstract} The authors consider the solutions of the problems related to pressure drop changes and well production rate changes in a round reservoir with H radius. This objective provides us with a rough possibility to evaluate the pressure and well flow-rate changes along the horizontal well-bore. Such an approach enables to find the decisive rules for designing the horizontal bore-holes with due consideration of economic factors (costs for drilling, cementing, etc.).
AB Mazo, potash, KA, Bulygin, DV
Mazo AB, Potashev KA, Bulygin DV

Superelement. Modeling horizontal wells and sidetracks
Super Elements. Modeling of Horizontal Wells and Lateral Boreholes.
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Mazo AB, Dr.,. Potashev KA, Ph.D. Bulygin, D., Doctor of sciences / "Delta Oil Project", Kazan / Mazo AB, DSc, professor, Potashev KA, PhD, Bulygin DV, DSc (OOO "Delta Oil Project", Kazan) {tab = Keywords} simulation of field development, horizontal wells , sidetracks, the distribution of flow rate along the trunk, finite volume method, superelements. {Tab = Key words} oil field modeling, horizontal wells, lateral bore-holes, flow-rate distribution along the well bore-hole, method of ultimate volumes, super elements. {Tab =} Abstract A method of calculating the flow of fluid to the lateral trunks and horizontal wells in the simulation history of oil field development superelementnym method. Formulated and solved on an ad hoc grid, the problem of the detailed distribution of flow rate along the wellbore. {Tab = Abstract} The authors describe the process of fluid inflow calculation towards lateral bore-holes and horizontal wells while making the history matching of oil field development process using super-element method. The objective to have the flow-rate distribution along the well-bore is also considered and resolved using some specifically chosen detailed pattern.
Niskulov EK, Kambulov EY, Alexandrov, I., N. Moise
Niskunov EK, Kambulov E.Yu., Alexandrov IE

Multifunctional lubricant additive BTA-LUB for sidetracking and horizontal wells
BTA-LUB Poly-functional Lubricating Additive to Drill Side Tracks and Horizontal Wells
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Niskulov EK, Kambulov EY, Alexandrov, I., / JSC "Biotehalyans", Moscow / Moise JN / OOO "SPA" Himburneft ", Krasnodar / Niskunov EK, Kambulov E.Yu., Alexandrov IE (ZAO" Biotechalliance ", Moscow), Yu.N. Moisa (OOO" NPO "Chimburneft", Krasnodar) {tab = Keywords} phosphatide, lubricant additives, drilling mud, reservoir properties, technological parameters, physical-chemical properties, friction, torque. {tab = Key words} phosphatide, lubricating additive, drill mud, reservoir properties, process indices, physical and chemical properties, friction coefficient, torque {tab = Abstract} The results of the choice of raw materials of vegetable origin and development of environmentally friendly multifunctional grease additive BTA-LUB for drilling fluids, water-based. {tab = Abstract} The paper contains the phytogenous raw selection results and the development of an environmentally safe BTA-LUB poly-functional lubrication additive for water-based drilling mud.
Nugmanov BH
B.Kh. Nugmanov

Analysis of the effectiveness of the drilling technology
with the kickoff of lateral horizontal wells in the field Kalamkas
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Nugmanov BH (7292) 470207 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / AO "KazNIPImunaygaz", Kazakhstan, Aktau / B.Kh. Nugmanov (AO "KazNIPImunaigas", Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau) {tab = Keywords} lateral horizontal wells, the field, the system design, technological efficiency, permeability, net pay thickness, water content, oil involved. {Tab = Key words} lateral horizontal well (bore, oil field, field development system, process efficiency, permeability, oil saturated thickness, water (cut, encroached oil reserves. {Tab = Abstract} Currently drilling lateral horizontal wells in the worldwide cause of great interest because they allow to reduce the number of wells in the development of oil fields. Construction of horizontal wells (HS) and lateral horizontal wells (BGS) is by far the most effective way to intensify production and increase oil recovery in the late stages of field development. {tab = Abstract } At present there is a world-wide interest towards the process of horizontal well drilling that enable to reduce the number of wells used to develop the oil field. The construction of horizontal wells (HW) and their lateral well-bores (LWB) nowadays is the most effective procedure to stimulate oil production and to enhance its recovery at the late stage of field development.

The use of nanotechnology in the construction of wells

Khavkin AJ
Khavkin A.Ya.

The innovative technology of well construction
Innovative Procedures in Well Construction
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Khavkin AJ, Ph.D., Honorary Oilman of the Russian Federation, laureate of the UNESCO medal "For Contribution to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology," co-bureau section, "Nanotechnology for oil and gas industry" NOR / JSC "IGiRGI", Moscow / Khavkin A.Ya., DSc, honoured oilmen of Russia, winner of UNESCO medal "Foe Achievements in Nano Science and Nano Procedures Development", co-chairman of "Nano Procedures for Oil and Gas Industry "Section, NOR (OAO" IGiRGI ", Moscow) {tab = Keywords} construction of oil and gas wells, oil and gas production, recovery of reservoir properties, clay cement, bentonite for the selection of process fluid, the method of controlling the properties of clay minerals, technology glinostabilizatsii , glinostabiliziruyuschie reagents bottomhole treatment (AEs), treatment of cement by the magnetic field, the addition of nano-dispersed cement modifiers nanobetony. {Tab = Key words} oil well construction, oil and has production, restoration of reservoir properties, clay cement, bentonite selection for process fluids, method to monitor clay mineral properties, clay stabilization procedure, clay stabilizing reagents, bottom-hole treatment (BHT ), cement mortar treatment with magnetic field, addition of nano dispersive modifiers into cement, nano concrete. {Tab = Abstract} We present one of the innovative technologies to improve the productivity of wells - a method of controlling the properties of clay minerals using the technology glinostabilizatsii. It also describes the manufacturing technology nanobetonov. The combination of magnetic treatment of fluids and cement additives in them nanostructures greatly improves the quality of concrete {tab = Abstract} The paper presents one of the innovative procedures to increase well productivity - method to control clay mineral properties with the application of clay stabilizing techniques. The author also describes the procedure of nano concrete production. The combination of cement mortar magnetic treatment and the addition of nano structures into it significantly increases the quality of the concrete.
Fedotka GG
Fedotkov GF

Laboratory studies of the wear resistance of diamond polycrystalline superhard material thermostable "Almakrem" Diamosil
Lab Tests of Diamond Poly-crystalline Thermal Stable Super-Hard "Almacrem" on Wear Resistance
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Fedotka GG / Club "Laboratory Drilling", St. Petersburg / Fedotkov GF ("Drilling Lab" Club, Saint-Petersburg) {tab = Keywords} superhard materials, diamond, silicon carbide, laboratory tests, wear and drilling. {Tab = Key words} super-hard material, diamond, silicon carbide, lab studies, wear resistance, drilling {tab = Abstract} The results of laboratory tests of wear resistance of thermally stable polycrystalline a new superhard material (CTM) on the basis of diamond and silicon carbide produced with the use of nanotechnology. The results show that the tested material used in the drilling tool, greatly exceeds the performance of well-known STM, including natural diamonds. Heating the material up to 1200 ╟ C leads to an increase in its strength, in contrast to other polycrystalline diamond material, losing strength at such temperatures. {Tab = Abstract} The author presents the wear resistance test results of a new thermal stable polycrystalline super-hard material (SHM) at the basis of diamond and silicon carbide produced with the application of nanotechnologies. The obtained results demonstrate that the tested material used in drilling tools significantly exceeds in workability the now-known CHM including the natural diamonds. The heating of the material till 1200 ╟ C gives the increase in its hardness opposite to other polycrystalline diamond materials that loose their hardness in these temperature conditions.

Field development

Sazonov Boris Ponomarev, AG
Sazonov BF, Ponomarev AG

The strategy of drilling oil deposits
Strategy to Drill-in Oil Pools
{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors} Sazonov Boris Ponomarev, AG / LTD "Technology Center BF Sazonov," Samara / Sazonov BF, Ponomarev AG (OOO BF Sazonov Technological Center ", Samara) {tab = Keywords} well spacing, specific reserves per well, the drilling of additional wells, maps of the residual oil-saturated thickness, the ultimate well spacing. {Tab = Key words} density of well pattern, specific reserves per well, drilling of additional wells, maps of residual oil saturation, final density of well pattern {tab = Abstract} We consider the recommendations of various authors regarding the well spacing in the design of the development of oil field. Due to the exceptional diversity of geological and physical structure of the oil wells are no general recommendations on well spacing can be done. Necessary to distinguish between primary grid of wells drilled to a reservoir in the early stages of development, and end, which creates the final stage of development in the drilling of additional wells. Основой для определения числа и местоположения дополнительных скважин и постепенного формирования конечной плотности сетки скважин являются карты остаточных нефтенасыщенных толщин. Конечная плотность сетки скважин должна определяться для зоны концентрации остаточных запасов нефти.


The authors consider the recommendations issued by many authors related to the density of well pattern while designing the oil field development program. Due to extremely different geological and physical structure of the oil wells it is impossible to make any generic recommendation on the density of well pattern. It is important to make the difference between the initial well pattern that is used while drilling the pool at the initial stage, and the final well pattern that is arranged at the final stage of field development after infill drilling. Basics to define the additional well number, their location and the stage-by-stage final arrangement of a dense well pattern at the field is related to a map of residual oil saturation. The final density of a well pattern should be defined for the zone with the concentration of residual oil reserves.

Горизонтально направленное бурение при прокладке трубопроводов

Моисеев В.А.
Moisseev VA

Комплексное решение задач по замене изношенных и прокладке новых трубопроводов бестраншейным способом с использованием оборудования производства ООО "МЕМПЭКС" (Республика Беларусь)
Comprehensive Solution of Problems in Replacing the Worn-out and Constructing the New Pipelines Using the Trench-free Procedure and the Equipment of OOO ⌠MEMPEX■ Company (Republic of Belarus)


Об авторах

Моисеев В.А. /ООО "МЕМПЭКС", г. Минск, Республика Беларусь/ Moisseev VA (OOO ⌠MEMPEX■, Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

Ключевые слова

горизонтально направленное бурение, бестраншейная прокладка трубопроводов, установка наклонного бурения, компактная мобильная установка для прокладки трубопроводов.

Key words

horizontal directional drilling, trench-free pipeline construction, inclined drilling rig, small-sized mobile unit to lay-in the pipelines.


Описан новый подход ООО "МЕМПЭКС" к созданию машин, устройств и механизмов для бестраншейной прокладки трубопроводов. Отмечены преимущества, выпускаемого компанией оборудования: многофункциональность, модульность, простота в эксплуатации. Показано, что данное оборудование позволяет выполнять прокладку и реконструкцию трубопроводов эффективно и с наименьшими финансовыми затратами.


The author describes the new approach of ООО "МЕМPEX" in designing the machinery, devices and equipment for trench-free pipeline construction. He also notes the advantages of the equipment produced by the Company: many-sided functionality, modular-make, simplicity in maintenance. It is also illustrated that this equipment enables to perform the pipeline laying-down and their reconstruction more effectively and with financial costs.
Тареева Е.А.
Tareeva EA

Навигационная сенсорная система SNS 100 для проведения буровых работ методом горизонтально направленного бурения на больших глубинах
SNS 100 Geo-steering Sensor System to Perform Drilling Operations Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Procedures at Significant Depths

Об авторах

Тареева Е.А./ООО ╚ПодземБурСтрой-СЕНСЕ╩, г. Ульяновск/ Tareeva EA (OOO ⌠PodzemBurStroy-CENCE■, Ulyanovsk

Ключевые слова

навигационная сенсорная система, горизонтально направленное бурение, горизонтально направленный прокол, технология токовой рамки.

Key words

geo-steering sensor system, horizontal directional drilling, horizontal directional pipe-jacking, procedure of current loop frame


Рассмотрен принцип действия навигационной сенсорной системы SNS 100, используемой при проведении буровых работ методом ГНБ. Представлены технические характеристики системы, описаны ее преимущества


The paper considers the operational principles of SNS 100 geo-steering sensor system that is used during the performance of drilling works with horizontal directional procedures. The author presents the system specifications and its advantages.

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