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Main Theme: Automation of oil and gas sector

"Intelligent Fitness"

Igrevsky LV, Kuzmichev NP, Volkov Y.

"Intelligent Fitness" - addressing the preparation of highly qualified personnel for oil and gas business

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Igrevsky LV / RSU of Oil and Gas named after IM Gubkin Moscow / Kuzmichev NP / Ltd "Oil XXI Century", Almetyevsk / Volkov, Y. / OOO "TsSMRneft" in Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Kazan /
{/slide} Tolmach, AV, Hrapachev DM, Evsyukov AE, AA Andrijchuk
Tolmach AV, Khrapachev DM, Evsiukov AE, Andriychuk AA

Training complex TRACK
TREK Set of Training Simulators

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors: Tolmach} AV Hrapachev DM, Evsyukov AE, AA Andrijchuk / Company "Ugra-AMS", Nizhnevartovsk /
Tolmach AV, Khrapachev DM, Evsiukov AE, Andriychuk AA (OOO "Yugra-ASU", Nizhnevartovsk {tab = Key words:} trainer, fitness complex, an exercise station, a computer simulator, operator training, process control, modeling, model of the process. {tab = Key words:} simulator, set of simulators, simulator station, computerized simulator, training of service personnel, PACS - process automated control system, modeling, process modeling {tab = Abstract:} The paper deals with the training complex TRACK ( TC track) for training and testing operations staff of technological objects, created by experts of the company "Ugra-ACS." At the moment, TK TREK successfully implemented a number of large gas processing facilities in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Accumulated experts experience and unique developments allow the use of TC track for any type of processing facilities and any control systems in various sectors. {tab = ABSTRACT} The present paper provides the materials on a set of TREK (TS TREK) training simulators to train and to test the operative personnel of process facilities as arranged by the experts of "Yugra-ASU" Company. At present this TS TREK has been successfully implemented at several gas-processing facilities of Khanty-Mansiysky region. The practical experience, accumulated by the experts and the unique skill enable to use this training set with various types of process facilities and with any available automated control systems in different branches of industry.

Field Development

Bogachuk YF
Bogachuk Yu.F.

Intelligent sensorless control submersible pump technology in oil wells
Smart Sensor-free Submersible Pump Operation Control Procedure Inside a Well

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Bogachuk YF, / OOO "INTES", Tyumen /
Bogachuk Yu.F. (OOO "INTES", Tiumen) {tab = Key words:} increase oil recovery, submersible equipment, ESP, cyclical stabilization of the flow to wells, flow regulators with a management controller, SPKU INTES. {Tab = Key words:} enhanced oil recovery, submersible equipment, ESP, cyclic stabilization of well fluid inflow, inflow stabilizers c / w control station, SPKU "INTES" {tab = Abstract:} The paper presents the material by about an innovative technology of the cyclic stabilize the flow for wells equipped with electric-pump units (ESP), which increases the recovery of oil, allow to monitor the development of oil fields, effectively regulate the rate of recovery of oil by allowing controlled movement of the oil-bearing units and as a consequence, increase the efficient use of mineral resources. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper provides the material dealing with the innovative procedure of cyclic stabilization of fluid inflow to the wells equipped with ESPs that increase the oil recovery, enable to control the process of oil field development, effectively adjust the oil recovery rate due to a possibility in relocating the oil-bearing contours and, consequently, increase the effectiveness in operating the natural resources.
{/slide} Diamond SG, Deputy. Chairman of the Samara regional branch of the STS oil and gas industry
Brilliant SG, Deputy Chairman of Samara Regional Scientific & Technical Society of oil and gas specialists

Reflections on the current topic: "Innovation Immersion Electropump installation"
Ideas Viva Voce: "Innovative Submersible Electric Power Pumping Unit"

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: Diamond SG} {Tab = Key words:} best practices, combined with ESP dispersant, an acoustic transducer, a differential cell attachment, vintotsentrobezhny pump, electric heat protection, intellectual high ESP. {Tab = Key words:} advanced practical experience, combines ESP with disperser, acoustic transformer, sectional differential device, screw-centrifugal pump, electric drive thermal insulation, smart high-efficient ESP {tab = Abstract:} This paper describes the importance of studying and application of best practices, advances in science and technology to improve efficiency and reliability of ESP that is necessary to accelerate the solution of this problem and what should be a high ESP. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper provides the description of the necessity to learn and to apply the advanced practical experience, scientific achievements, new machinery to increase ESP efficiency and reliability, on what is required to speed-up the solution of this problem and what should this high-efficient ESP equipment be.
{/slide} Konkin, VV
Konkin VV

Avtomatizatsiya control systems of technological units for PNP
Process Automated Control System for Enhanced Oil Recovery

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: VV Konkin} / JSC "Korona FEC", Samara /
Konkin VV (OAO "Korona-TEK", Samara) {tab = Key words:} increase oil recovery, automated control systems, automatic dosing of chemicals, complex mobile applications Kudrya-1. {Tab = Key words:} enhanced oil recovery, automated control systems, automated dosage and supply of chemicals, KUDR-a set of mobile units {tab = Abstract:} We consider the automation of control systems on the example of complex mobile applications Kudrya-1, a mobile set designed to prepare solutions of liquid and dry chemicals in industrial water and inject these solutions into the well to the TNG. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The author considers the automated control system at the example of KUDR-a set of mobile units. This is a mobile set of equipment to mix-up liquid and dry chemicals with well-site water and to inject their solutions into a well for EOR purposes.
{/slide} Kuleshov SG, Gorbunov VV, Kuchurin AE, Mansafov RY, Pivkin AV
Kuleshov SG, Gorbunov VV, Kuchurin AE, Mansafov R. Yu, Pivkin AV

Hardware and software systems and control downhole sucker rod pumps
Hardware and Software Packages to Monitor and Control the Operation of Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP)

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: Kuleshov SG} / OOO "Danfoss", Krasnoyarsk / Gorbunov, VV, Kuchurin AE / OOO "Rosneft-NTC '/, Mansafov RY / OOO "RN-UfaNIPIneft" / Pivkin AV / Oэ "PH Krasnodarneftegaz" /
Kuleshov SG (OOO "Danfoss", Krasnoyarsk), Gorbunov VV, Kuchurin AE (OOO "Rosneft - NTC"), Mansafov R. Yu (OOO "RN-UfaNIPIneft"), Pivkin AV (OOO "RN-Krasnodarneftegas") {tab = Key words:} downhole sucker rod pump, microprocessor-based controller, automatic control system SSHN, the management station with variable frequency drive. {Tab = Key words:} well sucker rod pump, micro-processor controller, sucker rod pump (SRP) automated control system, control station c / w frequency-controlled drive {tab = Abstract:} This article describes the selection of the automated control system SSHN , field tests in the fields of auto-adaptation systems OOO "RN - Krasnodarneftegaz." Conducted a preliminary analysis of the control stations SAM Well VSD, "Mega-Sus", SALT. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper provides the description how to select the SRP automated control system, shows the results of self-adaptation system tests at the oil fields of OOO "RN-Kransodarneftegas". It also gives the preliminary operation analysis for SAM Well VSD, "Mega-Sus", SALT control stations.

Automated control systems

Ermakova, MV, Panin MP
Ermakova MV, Panin MP

Automated hierarchical control system of metrological
Automated Hierarchy System to Control the Operation of Company Metrology Service

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Ermakova MV, Panin MP / Manufacturer "Palette systems", Moscow /
Ermakova MV, Panin MP ("Palitra System" Co., Moscow) {tab = Key words:} metrology, automated control system for the metrological service (ACS MS), a measuring instrument (SI) SI classification, main oil {tab = Key words :} metrology, automated system to control the operation of Company metrology service (ASU MS), measuring device (SI), SI classification, trunk pipeline {tab = Abstract:} We consider the direction of automation of the metrological service of the company, the principles of creation, the requirements for implementation and an embodiment of the automated MS, as a hierarchical system. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The authors consider the areas to automate the activities of Company metrology service, the arrangement principles, requirements to implement and application option for ASU MS, as a hierarchy system.

Automated systems for condition monitoring and security

Vakulenko, SV, Fedorov VY
Vakulenko SV, PhD, Fedoprov V.Yu.

Automated control systems as part of a modular fire protection systems Refinery
Automated Control System as a Part of Oil Refinery Fire-Fighting Modular System

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Vakulenko, SV, Cand. Fedorov, VY / OOO "Pozhinzhiniring", St. Petersburg /
Vakulenko SV, PhD, Fedoprov V.Yu. (OOO "Pozh-engineering", Saint-Petersburg) {tab = Key words:} automated control system, fire protection system, fire and explosion safety refineries automated fire protection, and integration of security systems, reducing the fire risk. {Tab = Key words:} automated control system, fire-fighting system, refinery fire-explosion-safety system, automation of fire-fighting protection, integrates safety system, reduction in fire hazard. {Tab = Abstract:} The paper describes the main aims and objectives of management automation systems, fire protection refinery reflects the direction of their creation and improvement in accordance with modern trends of integrating various security systems. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The paper considers the main objectives and targets in automating the refinery fire-fighting and fire-prevention control systems, describes the trends in their arrangements and ways to their improvement with due consideration of present-day tendencies to integrate the operation of various safety systems.
{/slide} Petrov, A., Kolesnichenko, AA, AA Ryzleytsev Petrov A.Yu., Kolesnichenko AA, Ryzleytsev AA

Automation line heaters on the basis of the control computer system
Automation of Line Heaters at the Basis of Monitoring Computerized Set of Equipment

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: Petrov, AY}, Kolesnichenko, AA, AA Ryzleytsev / Company "TM-Service", Samara /
Petrov A.Yu., Kolesnichenko AA, Ryzleytsev AA ("TM-Service" Co., Samara) {tab = Keywords: SU}, SCADA, automation, automation, line heaters, furnace, equipment, UCMJ, "Cimens." {Tab = Key words:} Control system, Automated Process Control System, automation, automatics, linear heater, furnace, Control and automation equipment, supervisory computer control system, "Siemens" {tab = Abstract:} This paper discusses new developments JSC "TM-Service" - modernization of automation line heaters in order to combine the fuel and increase safety. In this project, many of the sensors in the design of the furnace have been replaced by more reliable. Instead of relaying the whole algorithm of the automatic control provides a computer system on the basis of industrial controllers "Siemens". These measures reduce operational costs, as well as the risk of accidents. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The present paper considers the new design works of ZAO "TM-Service" - update of automatic means in linear heaters in order to combine the possibilities in using various types of fuel and to increase the safety of production. Within the frames of the present project numerous sensors in the design of a furnace have been replaced by more reliable ones. Instead of using the relay automation the complete operation algorithm is arranged by the computer-controlled station at the basis of Siemens industrial controllers. These measures enable us to reduce the operating costs as well as to reduce the risks of possible damages.
{/slide} Steblev YI, Bykov, DE, Susarov SV, Mikhailov VF Steblev Yu.I., Bykov DE, Susarev SV, Mikhailov VF

Automated systems for diagnostic monitoring of engineering structures hazardous areas
Automated Systems of Diagnostic Monitoring over Engineering Facilities at Explosion-Hazard Production Conditions

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Steblev YI, Bykov, DE, Susarov SV, Mikhailov VF / Samara State Technical University, Samara /
Steblev Yu.I., Bykov DE, Susarev SV, Mikhailov VF (Samara State Technical University, Samara) {tab = Key words:} structured monitoring system, monitoring, diagnostic, objects, explosive, accidents and incidents, prevention, monitoring scheme structure, complex software Technical, scale, real-time. {Tab = Key words:} Structured control system, diagnostic monitoring, explosion-hazard objects, prevention of accident and incidents, structural scheme of monitoring, software package, real time mode. {Tab = Abstract:} The issues of creating automated systems for diagnostic monitoring of engineering structures (Smith) of dangerous industrial objects: refineries, petrochemical and oil and gas industry. The purpose of such monitoring - providing a guaranteed stability of operation: life support systems and safety processes in a controlled site, the information subsystem of decision support for prevention and elimination of accidents, incidents, fires and emergency situations (ES), including those caused by terrorist acts. Smith provides a block diagram of the installation process, combining life-support subsystems and safety monitoring object based on modern software and hardware subsystems and transmit diagnostic information in real-time duty and dispatch services company, city or area. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The authors consider the issues how to arrange the automated diagnostic monitoring systems for engineering facilities (MSEF) at hazardous production objects, namely at oil refining, petro-chemical and oil and gas producing facilities. The objective of such monitoring is to ensure the stable functioning of living and life safety systems, of process procedures at the controlled object, of informational sub-system supply to take the decisions related to prevention of and control over accident, incidents, fire, states of emergency, including the ones caused by terrorist actions.
The authors present the MSEF structural scheme for a process facility, that unite the sub-systems of living and life safety at the object of control through the use of modern software and hardware means and sub-systems to transmit the diagnostic information in a real- time mode to emergency and dispatching services of the enterprise, city or the region.
{/slide} Ustyantsev DY
Ustiantsev D.Yu.

Protecting electronic equipment from lightning effects. Integrated lightning protection system. Ground
Protection of Electronic Equipment Against Lightning Effects. Comprehensive Lightning Protection. Earthing system.

{Slide = More} {tab = About the authors:} Ustyantsev DY / NPF "Sensor", Ekaterinburg /
Ustiantsev D.Yu. (NPF "Sensorika", Ekaterinburg) {tab = Key words:} sensing, lightning protection, surge arresters impulse, lightning, lightning discharges, transients, protection modules, FHI, Lightning. {Tab = Key words:} sensing, lightning protection, impulse surge protection devices, lightning, lightning discharges, impulse noise, protection modules, lightning protection systems, lightning arresters {tab = Abstract:} The basic measures to protect electronic equipment in industrial plants from strong electromagnetic interference caused by the storm impacts. Descriptions of device surge protection (SPD), produced by SPF "Sensor", as well as a proposal for a comprehensive solution to the problems of lightning protection of industrial facilities. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The authors consider the main measures to protect the electronic devices at the industrial enterprises against the powerful electro-magnetic noises, caused by the lightning. Here they present the description of the protective devices against the impulse surging made by NPF "Sensorika", as well as the proposals to take the comprehensive solutions in resolving the lightning protection problems at the industrial facilities.

Conserve Energy

Etmanova EA
Etmanova EA

The use of excess energy in industrial processes and gas turbine CHP
Use of Excessive Energy for Technological Processes at Central Heating and Gas-Turbine Power Stations

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: EA} Etmanova / OOO "KogalymNIPIneft", Tyumen /
Etmanova EA (OOO "KogalymNIPIneft", Tiumen) {tab = Key words:} saving energy, central heating unit (CHP), gas turbine power plant (CCPP), secondary energy resources (RES), a system recovery line pressure (RDS), automatic GTPS management, the use of associated gas for gas turbine power plant {tab = Key words:} saving of power resources, central heating station (CHS), gas-turbine power station (GTPS), secondary power resources (SPR), recuperation system for pipeline pressure ( RSPP), GTPS automated control system, use of petroleum associated gas at GTPS {tab = Abstract:} The problem of growth of electricity consumption and lack of capacity. This problem is solved by using excess energy in industrial processes and gas turbine CHP. It is proposed installation of a recovery line pressure (RSD) for TSC to generate additional electricity consumed for own needs, describes the benefits of implementing this system. A version of the application of secondary energy resources in gas turbine power plant through the installation of boilers and auxiliary turbine generator, allowing utilization of associated gas increases to 94%. Shows the economic effect of the introduction of RDS in TSC, boiler installation and an additional turbine generator at GTPS. {Tab = ABSTRACT} The considered problem in power consumption growth and shortage in power generating capacities is considered by the authors of this paper. This problem is resolved through the use of excessive energy at GTPS and CHS. The authors propose to install the recuperation system for pipeline pressure at CHS to generate the additional electric power consumed for internal purposes; the authors describe the advantages in applying the proposed system. They present the option how to utilize the secondary energetic resources at GTPS through the installation of boiler houses and additional turbo-generator. This will give ≈ 94% use of associated gas. They also show the economic impact of RSPP application at CHS plus the arrangement of the boiler house and additional turbo-generator at GTPS.
{/slide} Volgin, VA, Dyachenko, O.
Volgin VA, Borkhovich S.Yu., Diachenko OI

Developing a model of economic evaluation determining the conditions improve operating wells
Designing of a Model to Make the Economic Evaluation of Conditions to Improve the Efficiency of Well Stock Operation

{Slide = More} {tab = About the Authors: Volgin, VA} / OOO "RN-Purneftegaz" / Borhovich SY / Udmurt State University / O. Dyachenko / OOO "RN-Purneftegaz" /
Volgin VA (OOO "RN-Purneftegas"), Borkhovich S.Yu. (Udmurt State University), Diachenko OI (OOO "RN-Purneftegas") {tab = Key words:} operating costs, profitability, economic efficiency, of wells, well maintenance, technical and economic parameters, method of evaluation. {Tab = Key words:} operation costs, IRR, economic efficiency, well stock, routine well service, feasibility indices, evaluation method. {Tab = Abstract:} The majority of deposits in Russia is characterized by declining production of oil and water content of the output growth, which significantly affects the economic performance (increase in operating costs for the production of 1 ton of oil, reducing the efficiency of operation of wells). The urgency of the problem makes it necessary to optimize the technical and economic parameters of operation and for this purpose is proposed introduction of a research tool, the current performance of the fund repairs and planning aimed at maintaining a base of production. The developed technique allows to analyze the work of the fund in the current mode (on-line) to the individual performance of each operating well, to identify ways to improve the efficiency of planning and fund ongoing repairs, as well as organize the process of operational coordination of production and economic services, OOO "RN-Purneftegaz" at принятии управленческих решений в части оптимизации работы фонда скважин.


The majority of Russian fields are characterized by the declining oil production and growth in water-cut of the well product that drastically impacts the economic indices (growth in operating costs per 1 ton of oil produced, drop in efficiency of well stock operation). The relevance of the considered problem is linked with the necessity in optimizing the operation feasibility parameters. For this we propose to use the tools in analyzing the current well stock operation and scheduling the well maintenance as aimed at ensuring the level of basic oil production. The designed method will enable to analyze the operation of well stock in real-time mode c/w individual well operating parameters, to define the ways in increasing the efficiency of well stock operation and scheduling the program of well services, as well as to organize the process of operative interaction between industrial and economic departments of ООО "RN-Purneftegas" while taking the managerial decisions in part of optimizing the operation of well stock.

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